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  Poole, Dorset

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Churches in Branksome, Parkstone.

All Saints on Western Road at Branksome Park. SZ 0599 9042. Roger Hopkins. Link.

Life Church on Kingland Road. SZ 0161 9098. Paul E. Barnett (2018). Link.

St. Stephen the Great (Romanian Orthodox) on Bournemouth Road and St. Osmund's Road, Parkstone, previously St. Osmund (Anglican). SZ 0443 9165. Roger Hopkins. Since Roger took his photo, the church has become St. Dunstan of Canterbury Orthodox Church. Link. Grade II* listed. Numerous old photos and postcards (including interiors) here. Its convoluted history (up to 2010) is summarised here.

U.R.C. on Skinner Street. It's labelled on older maps as Congregational. SZ 0125 9045. Roger Hopkins. Link. Grade II* listed, which dates it to "circa 1777".

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Poole Road, undergoing works.
SZ 0570 9195.  Chris Kippin (2024).
What is today the Masonic Hall on Ashley Road is labelled on a 6" O.S. map of 1902 as Tabernacle, so probably a chapel.
Chris advises that it's marked as a place of worship on a map of 1981 too. SZ 0529 9203.  Chris Kippin (2024).
St. Aldhelm on Lindsay Road and St. Aldhelm's Road. SZ 0585 9180. Roger Hopkins. Another view and the interior, both
  Chris Kippin (2024). Link. Grade II* listed.
St. Joseph and St. Walburga (R.C.) on Bournemouth Road and Archway Road.
SZ 0537 9184. Chris Kippin (2024). Link. The history page dates it to 1961-2, successor to a chapel of 1895 on Bournemouth Road, of which there is a photo. Old maps show that it stood on what is now the car park (2023 Streetview) for the present church, at SZ 0535 9182.
Sunnyhill Church stood, until recently, on Sunnyhill Road at SZ 0492 9230. Streetviews show that it had previously been called Sunnyhill Community Church, and it was demolished after June 2019 and before August 2021. The church website says that they now meet in Magna Academy (2021 Streetview), which is on Ashdown Close.

Parkstone Baptist Church on Ashley Road and Loch Road. SZ 0504 9206.
  Chris Kippin (2024). Link.
Parkstone Christadelphian Church on Douglas Road, as seen by Streetview in 2019.
SZ 0522 9218. Link.
St. Peter on Church Road. SZ 0341 9168. Roger Hopkins. Facebook. Grade II* listed.
The former Salterns Road Methodist Church. SZ 0339 9140. Graeme Harvey (2011). Older O.S. maps mark a Wesleyan Chapel on what is today the car park for the former church. Its long axis ran by or along the wall on Salters Road. 2019 Streetview. SZ 0338 9141.
Waters Edge Church (Elim) on Douglas Road.
SZ 0522 9221.  Chris Kippin (2024). Link.





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