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Plymouth, Devon

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Churches at Crownhill, Devonport, Mutley, Oreston, Peverell, Plympton, St. Budeaux, Stonehouse, Turnchapel, Whitleigh.

Baptist Church on Catherine Street. SX 479 542. James Murray. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Cathedral Church of St. Mary and St. Boniface (R.C.). Another view. SX 471 548. Both James Murray. And another, Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Charles' Church, destroyed by bombing in 1941. Despite efforts to have the remains demolished, it was instead dedicated to the civilian dead of the war - one service a year is held here in commemoration. The style of building erected behind it leaves much to be desired though! SX 482 546. Graeme Harvey. Another view, James Murray. James advises that there are rumours that it may be re-roofed. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2017). Link.

Christ Church (CoE, Baptist, R.C., Methodist and U.R.C.!) at Estover. SX 512 587. James Murray. Link.

Christ the King (Catholic Student Chaplaincy), on Armada Way. SX 477 542.  Andrew Ross. Another view. James Murray. And another, Alan Blacklock. Link.

Church of the Holy Cross and St. Teresa (R.C.). SX 485 546. Graeme Harvey. Link.

Emmanuel Church at Compton Gifford/Mannamead. SX 487 564. James Murray.

Ford Park Cemetery has two cemetery chapels - 1, 2. SX 477 559. Both Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Holy Cross (R.C.) on Beaumont Road. Another view. SX 485 546. Both Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Holy Family (R.C.) at Beacon Park. SX 472 572. James Murray.

Islamic Centre of Plymouth & Cornwall on North East Road. SX 479 552. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

Methodist Central Hall. SX 479 547. Andrew Ross. Another view. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

Morice Baptist Church at Ham. SX 462 574. James Murray.

North Plymouth Community Church at Estover - "The Children's Church", above the door. SX 513 599. James Murray.

Plymouth Revival Prayer Centre on Union Street. SX 466 544. Paul E. Barnett (2017). News item.

St. Aidan at Ernesettle. Another view. Interior views, 1, 2. SX 453 601. All James Murray.

St. Andrew on Abbey Place. SX 479 544. Andrew Ross. Another view. James Murray. An old postcard view, Steve Bulman's Collection. Interior view. James Murray. The stained glass is by John Piper, who famously created the baptistery window at Coventry Cathedral. Link. Grade I listed. The Church Hall is on Catherine Street, and could be mistaken for a  church. The Living Stones Baptist Church (link) meet here. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Grade II listed.

St. Barnabas, on St. Barnabas Terrace. SX 466 551. Andrew Ross. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2014).

St. Bartholomew the Apostle at Milehouse. The church was built in the 1950's on the site (bombed in WWII) of the boyhood home of Robert Falcon Scott "of the Antarctic". SX 468 563. James Murray.

St. John the Evangelist (1855) on Exeter Street and St. John's Street. SX 487 544. Paul E. Barnett (2017). Link.

St. Jude on Tothill Avenue. SX 488 547. James Murray.

The former St. Luke, now used as offices, and for storage for a library. SX 482 548. James Murray. Judging by the window design, this must be another view of the same church. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

St. Martin. SX 475 571.  Paul E. Barnett (2015).

St. Mary at Laira. SX 504 559. James Murray.

St. Matthias. SX 483 553. Link. Andrew Ross.

St. Pancras at Pennycross. SX 4721 5786. James Murray. Another view, Carole Sage.

St. Peter on Wyndham Square. Restored in the 1950's (was bombed in WWII) it has recently been refurbished. Another view. SX 468 547. Both James Murray. This building adjoins St. Peter, advises Paul. Can you say whether it is part of St. Peter, or a separate church? Paul E. Barnett (2014). Janet Gimber's researches suggest that this was a school, apparently closed before 2008. Link.

Former church, presumably St. Peter (see shadow of word on gable end), now derelict. SX 470 547. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

The former St. Peter at Honicknowle is now a community centre. James thinks it used to be R.C. - can you confirm? SX 480 591. James Murray. Confirmed as R.C., it is now Brake Farm Community Resource Centre, advises Janet Gimber.

The former St. Thomas Mission Chapel (1885, date-stone), now in use as a restaurant. SX 480 542. Both Chris Kippin (2019).

St. Thomas the Apostle at Keyham. Interior view. The original church has been demolished, the new building having been erected on the site of the vicarage's garage. The vicarage itself has been converted into the church hall. SX 454 566. James Murray.

Salvation Army on Armada Way. SX 477 547. Andrew Ross. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Seventh-day Adventist Church on North Road East. SX 479 552. Andrew Ross. Link.

The former Sherwell Church, now used for University lectures. The congregation now uses what used to be the church hall for services. SX 481 551. See "Mutley Plain" on this Link. Both Andrew Ross.

Stoke Christian Centre (Methodist) on Devonport Road, Stoke. SX 4597 5552. Paul E. Barnett (2019). Link.

Unitarian Church, with St. Andrew in the background. Also visible is Plymouth Synagogue (SX 478 543, link), the yellowish building behind the red car. SX 478 543. James Murray. Link.

Vineyard Church on Kinterbury Street. SX 481 546. Paul E. Barnett (2016). Link.

Church of the Ascension. Another view. SX 483 582. Both James Murray.
Methodist Church. SX 485 586. James Murray.
St. Peter (R.C.). SX 483 584. James Murray.

The demolished Christ Church (Unitarian, 1864) on Duke Street. This, and many other old engravings on this website, are reproduced from the downloadable books on the Unitarian Church Headquarters website here. The books are Pictures of Unitarian Churches by Emily Sharpe (1901) and the 1914 edition of Nonconformist Church Architecture by Ronald P. Jones M.A, (Oxon), and the images are reproduced by kind permission of James Barry of Unitarian Church Headquarters. My appreciation also to Mike Berrell for his efforts in this regard. SX 452  545. Link, which says it was demolished soon after 1958.
Gospel Hall. SX 462 564. Paul E. Barnett (2015).
St. Andrew with St. Luke (but see the history page here) on Paradise Road, Stoke Damerel. SX 463 550. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link. Another view, James Murray. Link.
St. Aubyn (1771) on Chapel Street, Stoke Damerel. SX 454 545. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link. Grade II* listed.
St. Michael, on Albert Road, Stoke. SX 457 554. This one has previously been in the "Unknown" section. A clearly labelled postcard, from Judy Flynn's Collection, but where exactly was this Stoke? Simon Davies, Greg Mishevski, and Janet Gimber all identified it as the one at Stoke in Devonport. They have all also advised that, according to their website, it has been demolished, and replaced by a smaller church. See also here, which says the demolition was to happen soon - the page is dated February 2007. Judy Flynn has further advised that according to one source, the church was indeed demolished in 2007, and housing erected on the site; the new church, which opened in 2009, was built nearby on the site of the vicarage.

Baptist Church. James describes it as "magnificent". SX 483 556. James Murray.
Christadelphian Church. SX 479 558. James Murray.
The Overcomers Christian Fellowship International on Gordon Terrace. SX 480 555. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Church of the Good Shepherd on Marine Road. SX 499 533.
Chris Kippin (2019).

Beacon Park Baptist Church. This was previously Peverell Park Methodist Church, which closed in 2013 (news item on the closure). SX 479 563. Paul E. Barnett (2017).
Chinese Christian Fellowship, formerly Hope Baptist Church Hall. James Murray.
Hope Baptist Church. SX 475 571. James Murray.
Peverell Community Church (previously a shop). SX 480 565. James Murray.
Peverell Park Methodist Church. SX 479 563. James Murray.
St. Edward the Confessor (R.C.). The High Altar. Prior to the church being extended, this side altar served as the High Altar. SX 481 565. All James Murray.
St. Gabriel, James' baptismal church. Another view, St. George's Altar, and the Lady Chapel. Two interior views- 1, 2. Note that some sources refer to this church as being in Mutley. SX 480 562. All James Murray.

Methodist Church at Ridgeway. SX 542 561. James Murray.
Mudge Way Community Church. SX 542 561. James Murray.
St. Mary. SX 537 563. From an old postcard (franked 1905) in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. James Murray. Link.
St. Maurice. SX 545 557. From an old postcard, Geoff Watt's Collection. A modern view. James Murray. Link.
The former Saltram Chapel. Interior view. Janet explains that this building was originally a barn, probably medieval (the slit windows are from that time), and was made into a chapel in about 1778. Ruinous by the 1970's, it was restored by the National Trust, and now serves as the "Chapel Gallery". SX 521 555. All Janet Gimber.
Salvation Army. SX 545 557. James Murray.

St. Budeaux
Methodist Church. Another view. SX 446 584. Both James Murray (2010).
St. Boniface. SX 446 582. James Murray.
St. Budeaux. Dating from 1563, it was where Sir Francis Drake was married. SX 454 592. James Murray. Link.
St. Paul (R.C.). Another view. SX 445 582. Both James Murray (2010). Link.

St. Paul on Durnford Street. SX 464 537.
Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

The former Methodist Chapel.
SX 493 527. Chris Kippin (2019).

Bethany Evangelical Church. SX 473 597. James Murray (2010).
St. Chad. Interior view. A post-war estate church, James advises that it was shortly to be demolished when he took the photo in February 2008. SX 472 598. Both James Murray. James returned in 2010 and photographed the new St. Chad. Another view. James Murray (2010).




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