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Pen-y-Groes, Gwynedd

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Capel Bethel (1860, much altered 1899-1901) - a striking building on Stryd Fawr. Two further views - 1, 2. SH 4702 5342. All Howard Richter (2016). Link. Grade II listed.

Capel Calfaria (Baptist) on Heol-y-Bedyddwyr. Although the building dates from 1877, the congregation was founded in 1828. Another view. SH 4696 5316. Both Howard Richter (2016). Link.

Capel Horeb (Wesleyan, 1878) on Ffrodd-y-Sir. SH 4717 5317. Howard Richter (2016). Link.

Capel Saron (Calvinistic Methodist, 2003) on Meol Buddug. Coflein refers to it as built in 1887, so must be describing a demolished predecessor. SH 4712 5309. Howard Richter (2016). Link.

Capel Soar (Independent) on Stryd Fawr. SH 4702 5327. Howard Richter (2016). Link, which explains that this is the vestry of the demolished chapel (1836-1980's).

Christ Church (1890) on the Market Place. SH 4690 5300. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Howard Richter (2016). Link, which advises that it replaced an earlier (presumably medieval) church in the same enclosure.

Watersprings Church occupies a converted former pub on Stryd Fawr. SH 4706 5330. Howard Richter (2016). Link1. A news item.





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