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Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd

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Capel Bethel (General Baptist). SH 6108 3918. Howard Richter (2013).

The former Capel Carmel (Independent), now residential. SH 6106 3887. Howard Richter (2013).

Capel Fron (1901, now Evangelical) was previously Calvinistic Methodist. SH 6137 3953. Howard Richter (2013). This link says it was "abandoned in the 1970s " and "the present congregation dusted it off and took it over in the 1980s". Link.

The former Capel Gorphwysfa (1880, Calvinistic Methodist) is now in commercial use. SH 6098 3880. Howard Richter (2013). The grade II listing says that this was the third Calvinistic Methodist chapel .

Capel Nasareth (Calvinistic Methodist). Another view. SH 6092 3925. Both Howard Richter (2016). An old photo of 1888 by John Thomas is available here. An earlier photo by him shows the building with a different frontage, so it probably pre-dates the re-building of 1880. Coflein notes the frequent works recorded as having been carried out on this chapel, with the initial build in 1777, re-built in 1815, altered in 1839 and 1860, and again re-built in 1880. Grade II listing, from which we learn that the present building dates from 1839, with the addition of the facade "at the end of the C19". So the addition of the facade "at the end of the C19" in all likelihood corresponds with the re-building of 1880, and the "before" and "after" are shown in Thomas's photos.

Capel Sardis (Welsh Wesleyan, 1862) is to be seen here, in the middle distance, right of centre. It was replaced, on the same site, by Capel Tabernacl (see next entry). Also visible in the photo, on the hillside directly above Sardis, is Nasareth. SH 6110 3905. Link.

Capel Tabernacl was built in the early years of the twentieth century on the site of the Wesleyan Methodist Capel Sardis. SH 6110 3905. Howard Richter (2013). Link.

Holy Trinity (1858, CiW) on Church Place. SH 6115 3884. Howard Richter (2014). Link. Grade II listed.

Howard advises that the following chapels have been demolished - Capel Bryn-Gwyn (Particular Baptist) which stood at SH 6119 3935, and Capel Pant (Calvinistic Methodist) at SH 6144 3949.





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