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Peel, Isle of Man

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The modern Cathedral Church of St. German, another view, and an interior view, all John Balaam (2011).

Centenary Methodist Chapel (1839) on Atholl Street. SC 246 840. Derek West. Link1. Link2 - which also refers to (and has a photo of) what may be presumed to be its predecessor of 1777 on Shore Road (SC 244 842). It was later a home for the Salvation Army.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1878) has been converted into flats. This source advises that its predecessor was on Kirk Michael Street (SC 243 841), and dated from 1835. It includes a photo of it. SC 245 841. Derek West.

The ruins of St. German's (or St. Germain's) Cathedral, from an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, Jim Parker, and another, Derek West.

An old engraving of the ruins of St. Patrick, dating from 1775. From the Colin Waters Collection. Link. A modern St. Patrick (R.C.) stands on Patrick Street, and it's dated here to 1865. John Balaam (2023).

Little more than the tower remains of St. Peter. Derek advises that the church was of circa 1500, with the tower added in 1872, then the rest of the church demolished in 1958 following a serious fire. The East end wall can be seen here on a 2010 Streetview. Derek West.





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