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Ottery St. Mary, Devon  

Ottery St. Mary on Wikipedia.

Older O.S. maps show a Baptist Chapel (General) on Batts Lane and Brook Street at SY 0995 9547. Although apparently long out of use it had survived relatively unscathed until 2009 (Streetview), but by 2016 it had lost its roof (Streetview). Does it still survive in some form?

The Methodist Church on Mill Street was originally Wesleyan, dating from 1829. SY 0956 9538. Graeme Harvey. Link.

New Life Chapel on Yonder Street. SY 1018 9546. Heath Nickels (2017). Link.

St. Anthony (R.C.) on Mill Street and Canaan Way. SY 0957 9541. Graeme Harvey. Link.

St. Mary, a former collegiate church, founded in 1342. SY 0985 9558. Stan Walker. Two further views - 1, 2, both Christopher Skottowe (1967), and an old postcard from his collection. Link. This church is said to have the oldest weather-vane in the country - dating from about 1340 (though admittedly with later repairs). See here for more on this, and other weather-vane history and lore. Link. Grade I listed.

Salvation Army hall on Hind Street. SY 097 954. Graeme Harvey. The Army has evidently left as the latest Streetview from 2021 shows a radically different appearance - and is presumably now residential.

U.R.C. on Jesu Street and Batts Lane. This was built as Congregational in 1688. The interior. SY 0996 9543. Both Heath Nickels (2017). Link. Grade II listed.





16 March 2022

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