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Okehampton, Devon

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All Saints on Vicarage Road. SX 5818 9510. Andrew Ross. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link. Grade II* listed.

Baptist Church on East Street, was built in 1889 and enlarged 1901. SX 588 952. Andrew Ross.

The former Ebenezer Congregational Chapel on North Street.  SX 5886 9542. Heath Nickels (2016). Grade II listed.

Fairplace Church (Methodist and U.R.C.). SX 588 950. Andrew Ross.

New Life Church on New Road was built in 1841. It was probably originally Methodist or other non-conformist. SX 586 951. Andrew Ross.

Okehampton Camp Chapel. Our appreciation to the organisers of the Dartmoor Military Heritage Weekend, whose efforts made this photograph possible. SX 588 930. Andrew Ross.

St. Boniface (R.C.). SX 589 946. Andrew Ross.

St. James Chapel on East Street, is described as the "Ancient Manorial Chapel". The tower dates back to the 14th century. SX 5885 9521. Andrew Ross. Interior view, Heath Nickels (2016). Link. Grade II* listed.





31 March 2020

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