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Churches in Battlefield, Benwell, Byker, Cowgate, Denton Burn, Elswick, Fenham, Gosforth, Heaton and High Heaton, Jesmond, Lemington, Newbiggin Hall, Walker, West Denton, West Moor, Westerhope. Some links will open another page.

All Saints on Pilgrim Street. An 18th century replacement of a medieval church, it's unique in England, being the only church on an elliptical plan. Currently undergoing restoration, the church is listed as grade I. De-consecrated in 1961, the building has had a number of uses since then, but as this news item explains, it will return to religious use in October 2019 as an Evangelical Presbyterian Church. NZ 2526 6402. © Bill Schweitzer (2019). A 2021 Streetview provides another view. Link.

Brunswick Methodist Church, in the heart of Newcastle. © Steve Bulman.

Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, and the tower. NZ 249 640. Both © Steve Bulman. A fine view from the castle keep, © Carole Sage (1965). Another view of the tower, © Chris Kippin. Interior view, © Peter Morgan (2009). Grade I listed.

Christ Church at Shieldfield. © Bill Henderson. Link.

Coptic Orthodox Cathedral dedicated to St. George and St. Athanasious, on Brighton Grove. © Peter Morgan. Thanks to Alan Craxford for providing the identification. Another view, © Mike Forbester. Link.

Dilston Road Methodist Church, formerly Wesleyan. © Peter Morgan.

Newcastle Chinese Christian Church on Bewick Street. NZ 244 639. © Bill Henderson (2013). Link.

St. Aidan at East Brunton, Brunton Park. © Bill Henderson. Link.

St. Andrew on Gallowgate. © Steve Bulman. Another view, © Bill Henderson (2017, and an interior view, © Mike Forbester. Link. Grade I listed.

St. Andrew (R.C.) on Worswick Street, © Bill Henderson. Another view, © Peter Morgan, and an interior view, © Mike Forbester. Link.

St. Dominic's Priory Church (R.C.) on Red Barns. Two interior views - 1, 2. All © Mike Forbester. Link.

St. James (U.R.C.), © Bill Henderson.

St. John the Baptist on Westgate, © Bill Henderson. Another view, © Peter Morgan, and the interior, © Alan Blacklock. Link. Grade I listed.

St. Luke at Spital Tongues. NZ 241 655. © Bill Henderson (2012).

St. Mary (R.C.) at Forest Hall (interior view). © Mike Forbester, who advises that the exterior is almost identical to that of SS Peter and Paul in Longbenton. Link.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral. Another view, and the interior. NZ 244 638. All © Aidan McRae Thomson. A stained glass window depicts many of Newcastle's traditional trades, © Chris Kippin. Grade I listed.

St. Nicholas Cemetery Church (disused). © Peter Morgan.

St. Thomas the Martyr. © Steve Bulman. Interior view. © Alan Blacklock.

St. Willibrords with All Saints; a magnificent building. © Steve Bulman. Another view. © Peter Morgan. This church was previously All Saints, and before that, All Hallows.

Trinity Presbyterian Church, © Peter Morgan.

Unitarian Church and Durant Hall, © Bill Henderson.

U.R.C. (formerly Trinity Presbyterian Church), © Peter Morgan.

Westgate Baptist Church, © Peter Morgan.

Former church on Wingrove Road. Old maps show this as St Monica’s Mission Hall and School. Original architects plans are available here. © Peter Morgan.

St. Anne. © Bill Henderson.

Bond Memorial Methodist Church. © Peter Morgan.
Broadmead Way Evangelical Church. © Peter Morgan.
Church of the Venerable Bede. © Peter Morgan. Another view. NZ 224 645. © Bill Henderson.
St. James. © Peter Morgan. Link.
St. Joseph (R.C.). © Peter Morgan.

St. Martin. NZ 282 645. © Bill Henderson (2012). Link.
St. Michael with St. Lawrence. NZ 272 644. © Bill Henderson (2012). Link.
St. Silas, © Bill Henderson.

English Martyrs R.C. Church on Stamfordham Road. NZ 215 662. © Bill Henderson (2013). Link.
St. Peter. NZ 218 666. © Bill Henderson (2013). Link.

Denton Burn
St. Bede (R.C.). © Peter Morgan. Link.

Cemetery Chapel in St. John's Cemetery on Elswick Road. NZ 225 637. © Mike Berrell (2014).
St. Matthew on Summerhill Street, Big Lamp. NZ 237 636. © Bill Henderson. Another view, © Peter Morgan. Link.
St. Michael (R.C.). NZ 231 635. © Bill Henderson.
St. Stephen at Low Elswick, of which all that remains is the tower, in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Opened in 1868, it was largely destroyed in a fire in 1990. NZ 231 632. © Bill Henderson. Link.

Church of the Holy Cross. NZ 213 654. © Bill Henderson.
The former Sacred Heart Convent Chapel (interior view) at Fenham Hall. The building is now a hall of residence for Newcastle University. © Mike Forbester.

All Saints on West Avenue. NZ 240 677. © Bill Henderson (2013). An engraving from "Building News" of October 7th, 1887. From Ron Maddox's Collection, and sent in by Bill Henderson. Link. Grade II listed.
The former Methodist Church, built as Primitive Methodist in 1882, and now in commercial use. Another view. NZ 243 680. Both © Bill Hend
erson (2013).
St. Charles (R.C.). © Peter Morgan. Another view. © Bill Henderson. Interior view, © Peter Morgan (2015).
St. Nicholas. © Bill Henderson. Grade II listed.
Trinity Church (Methodist and U.R.C.). NZ 243 679. © Bill Henderson (2013). Link.

Heaton and High Heaton
Bainbridge Memorial Methodist Church. © Bill Henderson.
Elim Pentecostal Church. © Bill Henderson.
Heaton Baptist Church. © Bill Henderson. Link.
Heaton Cemetery Mortuary Chapel on Benton Road. Interior view. Originally Anglican, it is now inter-denominational. NZ 270 668. What was originally the Non-Conformist Chapel is now used for storage. NZ 270 667. All © Mike Berrell (2014).
Methodist Church. © Bill Henderson.
St. Francis at High Heaton. NZ 264 677. © Bill Henderson (2012). Link.
St. Gabriel. © Bill Henderson. Link.
St. Theresa (R.C.). © Bill Henderson.
U.R.C. © Bill Henderson.


Methodist Church. © Peter Morgan.
Holy Saviour (Sugley Parish Church). © Bill Henderson. Link.
St. George (R.C.). © Bill Henderson.

Newbiggin Hall
St. Mark (R.C.). © Peter Morgan.
St. Wilfrid. © Peter Morgan.

Walker, St. Anthony of Egypt. NZ 285 633. © Margaret Hall. Another view. © Bill Henderson (2012).

West Denton
Denton Burn Methodist Church. © Peter Morgan.

West Moor
Methodist Church. NZ 276 704. © Clive Berriman.
The demolished Primitive Methodist Chapel on Great Lime Road. The grid. ref. will have been about NZ 272 704. GENUKI lists two Methodist Chapels for West Moor, one Wesleyan, the other just as Methodist. Assuming this is the PM chapel, it went out of use in 1951. © Barbara Upfold.






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