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Neath, Neath Port Talbot

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Churches in Cimla, Neath Abbey.

Bethany Baptist Chapel on London Road. Jim Parker.

Bethel Elim Church on Briton Ferry Road. Jim Parker. Link.

Church on the Move holds Sunday Services in Neath Town Hall, on Church Place. Jim Parker.

Ebenezer Baptist Church on Herbert Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker.

Gnoll U.R.C. on Arthur Street. Jim Parker. Adrian Jones explains that this used to be a doctor's surgery, and was preceded by Gnoll Road Congregational Church (1885), which confusingly stood on Victoria Gardens Road. It was subsequently renamed as Gnoll Road United Reformed Church, which was eventually sold for conversion into flats - the congregation moving into the present church at that time. Interior view. These old photos have been scanned from a Jubilee booklet of 1935 in Adrian Jones' Collection. Also from the same source is a photo of Wind Street Chapel, the predecessor to the old Gnoll Road Congregational Church. This was subsequently used by the Salvation Army, and the Baptists.

Green Mission Free Evangelical Church on Commercial Road is also used by Grace Independent Reformed Church (link). Jim Parker.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Bridge Street. Jim Parker.

Llantwit Road Cemetery Chapel. Jim Parker.

The former Methodist Chapel (1813) on Castle Street. Jim Parker.

Moorland Road Gospel Hall. Jim Parker.

Neath Methodist Church on Lewis Road. Jim Parker.

New Maria Congregational Church on Brookdale Street. Jim Parker.

Orchard Place Baptist Church. Jim Parker. Link.

Presbyterian Church of Wales on London Road. Jim Parker.

Presbyterian Church of Wales Mission Hall on High Street. The adjacent building (to judge by appearances) is the original building. Both Jim Parker. Adrian Wright advises that the latter building was originally built for the Forward Movement, and dates from about 1880. The later building, built some time after the revival in 1905, took over, and the older one was used as a schoolroom, then being known as the Lesser Hall.

St. Catherine (CiW) on Old Road. Jim Parker. Link.

St. Catwg on Main Road, Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath. Another view. Both Jim Parker. Link.

St. David (CiW) on St. David's Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker. Link.

St. Illtyd (CiW) on Llantwit Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker. Link.

St. John's Christian Spiritualist Church on Charles Street. Jim Parker.

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Cook Rees Avenue. Jim Parker.

St. Thomas (CiW) on Church Place. From an old postcard in Geoff Watt's Collection. Two modern views - 1, 2 - both Jim Parker. Link1Link2.

Siloh Chapel (Welsh Independent) on Old Road. Jim Parker.

Soar Maes-Yr-Haf Chapel (Independent) on Maes-Yr-Haf. The inscription says it was first built in 1769 and re-built in 1864. Another view. Both Jim Parker.

Society of Friends Meeting House on Castle View. Another view. Both Jim Parker. Link.

The Bridge Church (Apostolic) on Bridge Street. Jim Parker. Link.

The former Zoar Chapel (Welsh Independent) on Zoar Road now serves as a garden centre warehouse. Jim Parker.

Zoar Pen-Y-Dre Independent Congregational Chapel, on Pen-Y-Dre. Adrian Wright advises that this was originally built as a Mission Chapel from Zoar (above), it was later taken over by Gnoll Road (above), though they too moved out, and it is now Independent. Jim Parker. Link.

St. Peter and St. Paul (CiW) on Cimla Road. Jim Parker. Link.
The former Welsh Methodist Sunday School on Cimla Common has a sign saying "The Old Chapel". It's now a private dwelling. Jim Parker.

Neath Abbey
A glimpse of the Moriah Independent Chapel on Taillwyd Road. Jim Parker.
The remains of Neath Abbey on Monastery Road. Two further views - 1, 2. All Jim Parker. Link1. Link2.
St. John the Baptist (CiW) on St. John's Terrace. Jim Parker.




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