The Churches of Britain and Ireland

North Hartlepool, Hartlepool, County Durham

Central Estate Methodist Church on West View Road. NZ 511 347. Martin Richter (2011).

Holy Trinity Church on Davison Drive. Another view. NZ 498 349. Both Martin Richter (2011).

Nasir Mosque - Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, on Brougham Terrace. Another view. NZ 506 334. Both Martin Richter (2011).

Nothing remains of St. Barnabas, a mission church from Holy Trinity. Apparently opened in 1905, it was damaged by shelling in 1914 (photo). Declared redundant in 1984, it was demolished in 1998. A plan of the church is available here. A sculpture stands on the site, and presumably commemorates the church. NZ 511 346. Martin Richter (2011).

St. John Vianney (R.C.). on Nesbyt Road. NZ 498 353. Martin Richter (2011).

St. Oswald (1904) on Brougham Terrace. Bill Henderson. Two further views - 1, 2. NZ 507 335. Both Martin Richter (2011). Grade II listed.

St. Thomas More (R.C.) on Easington Road. A statue of the saint. NZ 501 341. Both Martin Richter (2011).

West View Baptist Church on Miers Avenue. Another view. NZ 496 349. Both Martin Richter (2011).

West View Cemetery Chapel, on West View Road. NZ 496 349. Martin Richter (2011).

West View Methodist Church on West View Road stands next door to St. John Vianney (above). Another view. NZ 498 353. Both Martin Richter (2011).




04 March 2023

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