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New Jerusalem Church. Apart from the one in Rhodes (for which, see below), this website lists two other Swedenborgian churches for Middleton - one on Manchester Old Road at SD 864 056, founded before 1886, and another on Wood Street at SD 860 066, founded in 1807 and demolished in 1978. Neil Floyd has sent in an old photo of a New Jerusalem Church (and its interior) in Middleton, though whether it's this Middleton is uncertain. Can you confirm if this is either of the Manchester Old Road or Wood Street buildings? Both from Neil Floyd's Collection. My appreciation to Michael Baron for confirming that this is the Wood Street Church. He thinks the demolition date should be about 1967, rather than 1978.

Alkrington and Providence U.R.C., Manchester New Road, dated 1926. According to this stone, there had been an earlier building (Providence Chapel) dating from 1836. Interior view. SD 867 047. All Mike Berrell. Mike Berrell has also advised (2016) that The Newday Christ Fellowship Church also meet here (link). My appreciation to Michael Baron who has advised that the date-stone depicted in this entry was from Providence Congregational Chapel on Market Place, and was moved to Alkrington when Providence closed. This was soon after the formation of the United Reformed Church, when the Presbyterians and Congregationalists combined, which was in 1972. Alkrington U.R.C. had been built as Congregational to a design by Bradshaw, Gass and Hope of Bolton, and was a replacement for Salem Chapel which stood on Manchester New Road, and which was demolished as part of the redevelopment of central Middleton. Link (comprehensive .pdf history here).

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Taylor Street/Oldham Road. SD 872 057. Mike Berrell.

Grace Fellowship Manchester Church meet at Brookside Community Centre on Mainway East, Alkrington. SD 881 045. Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

Holy Trinity, Archer Park, Parkfield. SD 865 060. Rodney Hall. Another view. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2011). Mike has advised that this church was made redundant in 2015 and subsequently put up for sale.

Middleton Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, on Hilton Fold Lane. SD 879 064. Mike Berrell.

Middleton Methodist Church on Long Street. SD 871 062. Interior view. The stone pulpit, which Pevsner describes as "remarkable".  Mike Berrell. Link.

Middleton Old Grammar School, has been used by the Salvation Army. When they left the school, they moved into purpose-built premises. These are now in use as a nursery. Both Rob Brettle.

Mills Hill Baptist Church, Mills Hill Road. Interior view. SD 888 060. Both Mike Berrell. Link - see particularly the detailed history here.

Previously listed as an unknown chapel, my appreciation to Michael Baron who has advised that it was a Mission Hall, though its denomination is still obscure. It stands on Wade Street, Middleton Junction. It pre-dates an O.S. map revised in 1915. SD 8853 0497. Rob Brettle.

The former Providence Congregational Chapel (1822 - 1991) on Market Place, now derelict. SD 872 061. Mike Berrell. An old photo of the chapel (1960's or 1970's perhaps, judging from the cars) taken by Mike Berrell from an original. Reproduced with permission.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, on Long Street. SD 871 062. Mike Berrell.

St. Gabriel (CoE), on Greenhill Road, Middleton Junction. SD 886 053. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, and an unusual Scout War Memorial window, all Mike Berrell (2012).

St. John the Evangelist on Church Avenue, Thornham, dates from 1906, as this foundation stone shows. SD 887 088. Both Mike Berrell.

St. Leonard, on St. Leonard's Square. SD 871 063, Rodney Hall. Another view. Chalmers Cursley. And another Mike Berrell. Also from Mike, an interior view, and a stained glass window. Link1. Link2.

St. Mary on Langley Lane, Birch-in-Hopwood. Interior view. Mike explains that the brick building is the entrance; the church proper is to its right. Both Mike Berrell. This war memorial ( Mike Berrell.) occupies the site of the former church altar. An interior view of the former church. SD 852 078. Old photos reproduced by kind permission of the church.

St. Michael on Townley Street, Tonge-cum-Alkrington. Opened in 1839, it was re-built commencing in 1901. SD 874 057. Mike Berrell. Link.

St. Peter (R.C.). on Taylor St. SD 873 057. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell.

St. Stephen (Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion), on High Street. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell. This photograph of the previous church building (demolished) is reproduced by kind permission of the church. SD 872 065.

St. Thomas on Heywood Old Road, Bowlee. Mike Berrell. Link.

St. Thomas More (R.C.) on Mainway, Alkrington. Interior view. SD 872 045. Mike Berrell.

The former Salem Congregational Chapel (1866 - 1929) on Manchester Road. The exact location isn't known precisely, but is approximately SD 867 060. Photo of a photo taken by Mike Berrell, and reproduced by kind permission of the owner.

The former Temple Street Baptist Church, on Temple Street, which closed in 2006. SD 878 061. Mike Berrell. in Middleton Junction.


The Crematorium Chapel in Middleton (formerly Boarshaw) Cemetery and Crematorium, on Boarshaw Road opened in 1952. A plaque commemorating L. Cpl. Joel Halliwell V.C. SD 883 068. Both Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2. Both Mike Berrell (2010).
St. Agnes and St. John Fisher (R.C.) on Boarshaw Road. Interior view. SD 880 069. Both Mike Berrell. Since Mike took the interior photo, the church has been redecorated, and he has sent in two additional interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2016).
St. Margaret  on Stanycliffe Lane. SD 880 069. Mike Berrell.

All Saints & Martyrs, Wood Street. 109 SD 861 064. Philip Kapp. Another view. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell. Since redecorated, Mike has sent in these additional interior views - 1, 2, 3, and the list of incumbents. All Mike Berrell (2016).
The former Langley Methodist Church on Windermere Road, which closed in July 2006. SD 858 071. Mike Berrell. Link.
Our Lady of the Assumption (R.C.) on Wood Street. 109 SD 861 066. Philip Kapp. Another view. Mike Berrell. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Mike Berrell (2016).
The River Community Church on Martindale Crescent. SD 856 072. Mike Berrell.
The former St. Aidan (1955 - 1964), now the Millbeck Social Club, on Millbeck Road, Langley. SD 857 067. Mike Berrell.
The former St. Columba on Windermere Road, was in use from 1959, until converted to secular use as a boxing club. SD 864 073. Mike Berrell.

All Saints on Manchester Old Road. SD 851 053. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2013). Another view, Robert Mather.
The former New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian, 1895) on Egerton Street and Manchester Old Road. This church was demolished in 2016 and the site remains empty. The original intention was to build flats. SD 850 052. Mike Berrell. Additional information from Michael Baron.
The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Manchester Old Road and Factory Brow, is now in secular use. It closed in 1895 when the Chapel Street chapel opened (for which, see next entry). SD 852 052. Mike Berrell.
The Primitive Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street and Yates Street. Demolished circa 1968 it was quite a distinctive building in red and yellow brick with a brick tower and a small copper spire. Stone spouts stuck out from the corners of the spire at 45 degrees. It opened in about 1895, replacing the chapel on Factory Brow (see above), and was closed in 1963, with demolition following in about 1968. From Michael Baron's Collection.
Michael Baron has advised of the following former churches -
Rhodes Methodist Church (built as Wesleyan) stood on Manchester Old Road, next to what is today Tommy's Tyres. It was demolished in the 1960's. My appreciation to John Southern for sending in a photo of the church from his Collection.
St. John Wall (a Catholic chapel of ease from St. Clare in Blackley) stood on Foxall Street. It had a short life, opening circa 1971, and demolished circa 1990. John Southern has obliged with a photo from his collection.




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