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Marylebone, Greater London

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American Church in London (multi-denominational), on Tottenham Court Road. Formerly the Whitefield Memorial Church (U.R.C.). TQ 294 818. Steve Bulman. Link.

Central Synagogue on

The former Christ Church (1825-1973), on Cosway Street. TQ 273 819. Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

Our Lady of the Rosary (R.C.), on Old Marylebone Rd. TQ 273 815. Andrew Ross.

The Roman Catholic Church of St. James, on George Street. This was previously in the "Unknown" section, with the following entry - "Another film location query from Greg Mishevski - this one from the film "I'll Never Forget What's 'isname". A still can be seen here, on the third row, behind Orson Welles. The other identified locations for this film are in London and Cambridge, but this looks like a London scene." It was subsequently identified by Greg himself, who adds "The scene was probably taken from a block of flats, which is located at the corner of George Street and Thayer Street in Marylebone."

St. Cyprian on Glentworth Street, a Sir Ninian Comper church of 1903. TQ 277 822. Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

St. Edward's Convent (Sisters of Mercy) on Harewood Avenue. TQ 273 821. Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

St. Mark, on Old Marylebone Rd. TQ 273 815. Andrew Ross. Link.

St. Mary, on Bryanston Square. TQ 276 817. From a photo in David Adams' Collection. Link.

St. Marylebone Parish Church on Marylebone Road. Two interiors - 1, 2. All John Balaam (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

The former St. Peter, on Vere Street (just north of Oxford Street), now The Institute for Contemporary Christianity. TQ 286 812. Steve Bulman. Another view. Alan Craxford. Link.





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