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  Malmesbury, Wiltshire

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The Abbey, dedicated to St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Aldhelm and the Virgin Mary. ST 9328 8732. Dave Westrap. Another view, Aidan McRae Thomson. The tower, and an interior view, both David Gallimore (2010). An old postcard view of the South Porch, from Andrew Ross's Collection. The doorway is superb, with 3 orders of carving. Janet Gimber (2012). These two photos show tympanums in the south porch - 1, 2, the west doorway, four more general views - 1, 2, 3, 4, and a curious headstone, all Christopher Skottowe, 1959 and 1964). The outline (the hedging) and some fragments of the Lady Chapel, Janet Gimber (2019). Link. Grade I listed.

Cemetery Chapel on Tetbury Hill. Janet Gimber (2017).

The former Ebenezer Independent Chapel on Silver Street. It has date-stones for enlargement (1848) and 1902 for when it became a Masonic Hall. Janet Gimber (2017).

Moravian Church on Oxford Street, Graeme Harvey. This is also used by the Society of Friends.
It's predecessor church still stands on Holloway. The congregation was founded in 1742, and the chapel was built in 1770. They moved to the present church in the mid-1990's. The old church now forms part of the Athelstan Museum. Janet Gimber (2017).

The former Pentecostal Church on Silver Hill. This was previously been in use as parish rooms. It was the predecessor of The King's Church (see below). The door, with glass cross. Janet Gimber (2017).

Before WWI, Plymouth Brethren used to meet in a room on the first floor of a building on Foundry Road. Janet Gimber (2017).

The former Primitive Methodist chapel (1899) on The Triangle. Janet Gimber (2012). Link. It was preceded by a smaller chapel on Bristol Street with a date-stone for 1856. It had various uses over the years, but was converted for residential use in 1998. Janet Gimber (2017).

St. Aldhelm (R.C.), Graeme Harvey. Another view. David Gallimore (2010).

Some of the stonework in the side of this private residence on Bristol Street is from the Saxon church of St. Helen. Janet Gimber (2012). Link (see point 9 at the bottom of the document).

The former St. Mary (1670-80), on St. Mary's Street, now in use a a hall. It stands on the site of a medieval church, destroyed in the Civil War. Another view. ST 931 875. Both Janet Gimber (2012). Grade II listed.

St. Paul, all that remains of the pre-Reformation parish church, sits apart from the abbey. ST 933 874. Dave Westrap.

The King's Church (Assemblies of God) on Abbey Row. This was originally Abbey Row Baptist Chapel. See also the Pentecostal Church entry, above. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

U.R.C. ST 930 875. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church on Oxford Street and Market Lane. Built in 1886, it was closed in 1919 at the merger, whereupon it was taken over by the YMCA. Janet Gimber (2017).






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