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Linlithgow, West Lothian

Linlithgow on Wikipedia.

Brethren Meeting Hall. Jim Parker (2016).

The remains of Linlithgow Palace Chapel on Kirkgate. Another view. A plaque has a little history. All Jim Parker (2016).

St. John's Evangelical Church on Union Road. Another view. They also meet in Linlithgow Academy on Braehead Road, and have a cafe on the High Street. All Jim Parker (2016). Link.

St. Ninian's and Craigmailen Church of Scotland on Falkirk Road. NS 993 770. Bill Henderson (2016). Link.

St. Michael (CoS) on Kirkgate. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2016). And another view, Bill Henderson (2017). Link.

St. Michael (R.C.) on Blackness Road. Two further views - 1, a statue of the Virgin, and a close-up of the dedicatory plaque. All Jim Parker (2016). Link.

St. Peter's Scottish Episcopal Church on High Street. NT 0001 7706. Bill Henderson (2016). Link.

A United Presbyterian Church stood on Lovers Loan (or Dog Well Wynd). This link has photos dated to 1964. It was demolished at some as yet unknown date.







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