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Lindisfarne, Northumberland

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The Priory ruins. NU 1262 4178. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern photograph of the Priory, Bill Henderson. A wider view, Dave Westrap, and another view, with the castle in the background, Carole Sage (1965). Link. Grade I listed.

St. Aidan (R.C.) on Green Lane. NU 1268 4207. Bill Henderson. David's more recent photo shows the results of a refurbishment. David Gallimore (2009). Link.

St. Cuthbert's Centre, (U.R.C.) on Fiddler's Green. It's labelled on older maps as Presbyterian. NU 1252 4192. Bill Henderson. Link - it's history page dates it to 1891.

St. Mary the Virgin. NU 1256 4178. Bill Henderson. Another view, Dave Westrap, and another, Alex Parker. Interior view, and the list of Bishops, Priors and Vicars, both Steve Bulman (2021). Link. Grade I listed. A cross base and a memorial in the churchyard are listed separately - they can be found here.

Just off the coast of Holy Island is the tidal island of St. Cuthbert's Isle. O.S. maps mark a Chapel (Remains of) at NU 1230 4162. This source dates it as medieval, and other surface features have been interpreted as possibly the remains of the hermitage of St. Cuthbert, mentioned by Bede. A photo of the island and chapel ruin is available here.




04 March 2023

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