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Leven, Fife

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Leven Baptist Church, on Church Road. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

The former Leven Baptist Chapel (1892) on Forth Street, which was also known as Forth Street Hall. Now in use as a community hall, a website with further information is here. Jim Parker (2012).

The ruins of Old Scoonie Parish Church on Scoonie Brae. Jim Parker (2010).

The Parish Church (CoS) on Durie Street. Another view. Carlow Hall (the church hall) looks as if it had a previous existence as a church, with at least two phases of building. Another church building - Scoonie Lesser hall - may also have been a church. Can you confirm any of these speculations? All Jim Parker (2009). Douglas McMann has advised that Carlow Hall, which opened in 1925, was built by Charles Augustus Carlow for his father Charles, Chairman of the Fife Coal Company. At the time it was associated with St. John (now St. Peter, see below), and in 1941 ownership of the church and manse passed to Trustees of the Church of Scotland, but the hall remained in trust to the minister and session clerk of St. John's. In 1975 St. John united with the Forman Church to become St. Andrew (see below). Link.

The former St. Andrew (originally Forman Church) on Durie Street, now in residential use. Jim Parker (2009). The former church hall (also now residential) is on Foreman Street. Douglas McMann has advised that the hall was known as Bain Hall, built as a hall by a local draper, David Bain.

St. Margaret (Episcopal) on Victoria Road. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

The former St. Peter (R.C.) on Durie Street closed in 2006. Douglas McMann advises that it was previously St. John (CoS). Jim Parker (2009).

The former Salvation Army Hall on Nairn Street, now a cafe. Jim Parker (2009).




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