The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Leslie, Fife

Leslie on Wikipedia.

All photos Jim Parker (2011).

The former Burgher Kirk on High Street. Jim advises that this has also been a Free Church and a Salvation Army Hall. Now in residential use. This link says it was converted from a barn in 1771.

The Christ's Kirk on the Green (CoS) on Greenside has been converted into flats. The church also has two crypts. Link.

Leslie Baptist Church on North Street. Link.

The former Old Anti burgher Church on High Street. Built in 1744, the congregation built the West United Presbyterian Church (see below) in 1860. Now in commercial use. Link.

The former Prinlaws Church on Prinlaws Road. Link.

Rainbowstar Spiritualist Centre holds services in a Masonic Hall on High Street. This stands on the site of Logan Martin Church (link, includes photograph), demolished in 1927. Link.

St. Mary Mother of God (R.C.) on High Street. This was previously Leslie New Free Church. Link.

Trinity Church on High Street. This was previously called West Church, and was re-named on the amalgamation of the West, Logan Martin and Prinlaws churches. Link.

Possible former church. Can you identify it?




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