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Kinross, Perth & Kinross

Crieff on Wikipedia.

Church of Scotland on Station Road. NO 1179 0233. Bill Henderson. Link. Category B listed, where it's dated to 1832.

Church Centre on High Street and Piper Row, which Alan Mathew has advised was the former East Parish Church. NO 1192 0220. Bill Henderson. Another view, Peter Morgan (2022).

An early O.S. map of 1896 marks East Burial Ground Church (Remains of) at NO 1284 0182. Later maps label it as Site of, so it's unclear whether the small building seen here in a Streetview from 2017 is a remnant of the old church, or a more recent Mortuary Chapel. Canmore suggests the latter.

A former Free Church stands on Swansacre, at NO 1186 0221. Streetview saw it in 2015.

Kinross Gospel Hall stands on Montgomery Street, and is dated 1928. It was seen by Streetview in 2009. Link.

St. James (R.C.) on Muirs, as seen by Streetview in 2009. See the Gallery page on the church website for many more photos. NO 1188 0255.

St. Paul (Episcopal), on Muirs. NO 1169 0302. Bill Henderson. Link.

A United Presbyterian Church shows  on O.S. maps on Burns-Begg Street at NO 1201 0210. It was seen by Streetview in 2009.










04 April 2022

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