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Kinghorn, Fife

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All photos Jim Parker (2013).

The former Kinghorn Free Church (1845-6) on Bruce Terrace, now in residential use. Link.

Kinghorn Parish Church (CoS) on Nethergate. Another view, showing the Sailor's Aisle entrance, the aisle dating from 1609 retained from the preceding church when the current building was erected, in 1774. Formerly St. Leonard's (see also next entry). Link. Some fragments of the old church also survive in the grounds. Another view. Link.

The former Rosslands Church (1856) on Rosslands Place and Burntisland Road. Now Kinghorn Parish Church Hall (with occasional services), it was originally United Presbyterian. In 1961 the church combined with St. Leonard to form Kinghorn Parish Church. Link1. Link2.

The site of St. Leonard's tower, now occupied by the Town Hall. Link1. Link2.

The site of St. Mary and St. Leonard Episcopal Church on David 1st Street and Park Place, now occupied by a house. A tin church of 1905, it closed in 2005, and was demolished in 2007.



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