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Keswick, Cumbria

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The former Bethesda Chapel (Christian Brethren) on High Street. NY 2678 2325. © Philip Kapp. Another view. The date-stone above the door reads "Bethesda Free Chapel 1851". It now appears to be in residential use. © Steve Bulman (2012).

Gospel Hall on St. John's Street. Circa. NY 268 2333. © Steve Bulman (2012).

Keswick Convention Centre (Keswick Ministries, Evangelical) on Skiddaw Street. Circa NY 2717 2342. © Steve Bulman (2012). Link.

The Kings Church has previously met at the Rawnsley Centre on Main Street. Circa NY 264 236. © Steve Bulman (2012). They now meet in St Herbertís Primary School on Trinity Way. It can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview. Circa NY 2749 2364. Link.

Lake Road Chapel (Evangelical and Congregational, originally Congregational). The congregation was founded in 1654. The present chapel dates from 1858-9, a re-build of an earlier chapel on the same site of 1803 (source). NY 2668 2331. © Steve Bulman. Another view, © Alan Blacklock. Link.

Methodist Church on Southey Street. Built as Wesleyan in 1863, it replaced an earlier chapel of 1814 on a different (and so far unidentified) site (source). NY 2681 2341. © Dave Westrap. Link.

Methodist Church on Tithebarn Street, originally Primitive Methodist (1869). NY 2637 2353. © Dave Westrap. Link.

Orthodox Community of St. Bega, St. Mungo and St. Herbert, just off Victoria Street. Circa NY 267 235. © Steve Bulman (2012). Link.

Our Lady of the Lakes and St. Charles (R.C.) on High Hill. NY 2611 2397. © Dave Westrap. Link.

St. John the Evangelist on St. John's Street. NY 2679 2319. © Steve Bulman. Another view, © Philip Kapp. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link. Grade B listed.

Society of Friends (Quaker) on Elliott Park, which opened in 1994. NY 2622 2358. © Steve Bulman. Link. An early Friends' Meeting House was in what is now Quaker Cottage, on Crosthwaite Road. It can be seen here on a 2015 Streetview. NY 2618 2393.




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