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Central Methodist Church (1988) on Crook Street. SJ 950 948. Mike Berrell. Two interior views- 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2010). Link. A photo of the previous Central Methodist Church (1850-1988) on Norfolk Street is available here. It also has another view of the present church, from a different angle.

A small image of the demolished Chapel Street Baptist Chapel, from its Roll of Honour. It stood on the corner of Chapel Street and Holme Street. SJ 948 947. Photo Mike Berrell (2010).

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Manchester Road. SJ 940 953. Mike Berrell (2010).

Daisyfield United Methodist Church stood on Ashton Road. An illustration is available here - it gives an opening date of 1876, and closure and demolition "shortly after its centenary".

Flowery Field Church (Free Christian, 1878) on Newton St. SJ 945 954. Mike Berrell. Another view. Rob Brettle. Some interior views (1, 2, 3, 4), all Mike Berrell. Another view. Mike Berrell (2010). An old illustration, This, and many other old engravings on this website, are reproduced from the downloadable books on the Unitarian Church Headquarters website here. The books are Pictures of Unitarian Churches by Emily Sharpe (1901) and the 1914 edition of Nonconformist Church Architecture by Ronald P. Jones M.A, (Oxon), and the images are reproduced by kind permission of James Barry of Unitarian Church Headquarters. My appreciation also to Mike Berrell for his efforts in this regard.Link.

Hyde Christian Fellowship (Evangelical, since 1985) on Chapel Street, formerly the Friends' Meeting House (1873). SJ 947 946. Mike Berrell. Link.

Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre (Bangladeshi) on Corporation Street. SJ 947 948. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Former Methodist Church on Ogden Street, Broadbottom, now in secular use. SJ 996 937. Mike Berrell (2011).

Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom (Mosque - Sufi) on Ridling Lane. Mike Berrell (2011). Link1. Link2.

Onward Christian Centre (1966) on Mottram Road, Godley, is part of the Elim Churches Incorporated, but the building was originally a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses church. SJ 954 951. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

The demolished Rosemount Primitive Methodist Church on Bennett Street (formerly Henry Street) and Old Road. SJ 946 961. Photo Mike Berrell (2010), and reproduced by kind permission of the church council. See also the next entry.

Rosemount Trinity Methodist Church (formerly the Rosemount Primitive Methodist Church), on Bennett Street and Old Road. Stained glass window, which was transferred from Rosemount P.M. church - see above. SJ 946 961. Mike Berrell. Interior view. Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

St. George on Church Street. Interior view. The Hearse House (with skull & crossbones above the door) dates from 1841. All Mike Berrell. This painting hangs in the church. Photographed by Mike Berrell, and reproduced by kind permission of the PCC. SJ 949 944. All Mike Berrell.

St. John the Baptist at Godley. SJ 958 954. Philip Kapp. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2013).

St. Mary on Talbot Road, Newton. Two interior views - 1, 2, and the list of vicars, which implies that the church must date from or just prior to 1839. SJ 961 965. All Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

St. Mary Magdalene (1890) on Mottram Road, Broadbottom is currently being redeveloped as a The Magdalene Centre, a parish hall and worship space. Interior view, and a painting. SJ 989 939. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Paul (R.C.) on St. Paul's Street. SJ 954 955. Mike Berrell (2010). Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, and the War Memorial Calvary, all Mike Berrell (2011).

St. Stephen (1891 - 2011 redundant) on Bennett Street (formerly Henry Street), Flowery Field. SJ 945 960. Mike Berrell (2010). Another view, two interior views - 1, 2, a Blue plaque to Arthur Procter  - awarded the V.C. in WWI, and later vicar of this church, and a window, with its dedication plaque, all Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Thomas (1846) on Lumn Road. Interior view. Two rather fine windows. SJ 954 949. All Mike Berrell.

The demolished Union Street Congregational Church, which stood on Union Street, shown at the top left of the Roll of Honour. SJ 950 947. Photo Mike Berrell (2010).

United Church (U.R.C. and Baptist) on Union Street. SJ 950 947. Mike Berrell. Interior view. Mike Berrell (2010).

Zion Congregational Church (rebuilt 2000) on Peel Street. Interior view. SJ 955 943. Both Mike Berrell. Mike also took a photo of a watercolour of the original church, reproduced with permission of the artist's wife.

Gee Cross
Gee Cross Methodists Church on Stockport Road - "Methodists" because of the merging of two chapels. SJ 955 935. Mike Berrell. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Mike Berrell (2015). Link.
Holy Trinity on Higham Lane. SJ 958 936. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2011). Link.
Hyde Cemetery Mortuary Chapel on Stockport Road. SJ 957 941. Mike Berrell (2010).
Hyde Chapel (Unitarian), on Knott Lane, dates from 1846. The mother and aunt of Beatrix Potter are buried here. SJ 952 934. Link. Mike Berrell. Mike has also been able to photograph a painting of the old chapel (pre-1708-1846), which was originally Presbyterian, later Unitarian. Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Council. Two interior views - 1, 2, the War Memorial Chapel, and an interesting survival - stocks in the churchyard. All Mike Berrell (2010). Link.



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