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Hulme, Manchester, Greater Manchester

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The Amani Centre (Baptist/U.R.C.) on Quinney Cresent. SJ 838 958. Mike Berrell. Link.

Christ Embassy on Shawheath Close. SJ 828 967. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Ebenezer Apostolic Church on Margaret Sand Street. Mike Berrell (2011).

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church on Brennan Close. SJ 841 964. Mike Berrell (2010). Another view. Mike Berrell (2010).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Chorlton Road. SJ 829 964. Mike Berrell (2009).

Loreto College Chapel on Bold Street. SJ 833 962. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

New Hope Fellowship Church on Tatton Street was founded as a Congregational Church in 1969. The foundation stone. SJ 827 971. Two interior views - 1, 2. All Mike Berrell (2010). Updated view, Mike Berrell (2018). Link.

Parish Church of the Ascension, on Stretford Road and Royce Road. SJ 835 968. Mike Berrell. Another view. Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

The former St. George on Chester Road, now in secular use. Founded 1828, closed 1983. SJ 829 973. Mike Berrell.

St. Mary (closed, formerly CoE), on Chichester Road South. SJ 833 96. Mike Berrell.

The former St. Wilfrid (R.C.) on St. Wilfrid's Street. Now used as St. Wilfrid's Enterprise Centre. SJ 833 970. View of the Lady Chapel altar. Both Mike Berrell. Windows: 1, 2, 3. Stained glass windows and the High Altar reproduced by kind permission of Firmstart (Manchester) Ltd., 1994. The windows are available to buy as postcards - contact them. Their website has some further photos. 

Union Hall Evangelical Church on Stretford Road. SJ 839 969. Mike Berrell (2010). Another view, Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Wesley Enterprise Centre on Old York Street. Mike explains that it was used for services by the congregation from the nearby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel when it was being demolished. He was told that they intend to set aside an area of the centre for use as a chapel, in the future. SJ 832 968. Mike Berrell.

Wesleyan Holiness Church on Boundary Lane. SJ 841 964. Mike Berrell (2010).

Zion Congregational Church on Stretford Road is now in use as an arts centre. Opened in 1911, the church was built on the site of a previous Zion Chapel, as this plaque explains. SJ 834 967. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Link.





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