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Hayle, Cornwall

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The Bridge (Light and Life Church). SW 558 374. Paul E. Barnett (2019). Link (scroll down).

Downes (R.C. Convent) on Foundry Hill, photographed from Paradise Park Car Park. It closed at the end of 2012 - see closure news item. SW 554 366. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Grade II* listed.

Methodist Church, originally United Methodist, SW 562 375. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Former Methodist Church at SW 567 377. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Methodist Free Church on Ventonleague Hill. SW 572 381. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

St. Elwyn (1886-8). This is one of John D. Sedding's last churches. SW 559 375. Andrew Ross. Grade II* listed.

The former St. John, now used by Hayle town band. SW 566 377. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

St. Joseph the Worker (R.C., from 1958) on Commercial Road, built as Baptist. SW 562 378. Andrew Ross.

The former St. Mary is now a convent. Two additional views - 1, 2. SW 555 367. All Paul E. Barnett (2015).

The former Wesleyan Chapel on Prospect Place. SW 568 377. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church on Foundry Square, now in commercial use. SW 558 371. Paul E. Barnett (2014).





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