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Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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All Saints, at Harlow Hill, recently closed. Paul Marshall. Grade II listed.

Baptist Church. Another view. Both Steve Bulman. Grade II listed.

Christ Church. Bill Henderson. Another view. Paul Marshall. Interior view, Kenneth Paver. Grade II listed.

The former Church of Christ the Scientist, now flats. Paul Marshall.

Grove Road Wesleyan Chapel. Paul Marshall. Grade II listed.

Harlow Hill Methodist Church. Paul Marshall.

Harrogate Ladies College Chapel. Paul Marshall.

The former Oatlands Methodist Church, now redundant. Paul Marshall.

Our Lady Immaculate and St. Robert (R.C.). SE 304 549. Steve Bulman. Another view, and the interior, both Mike Forbester. Link. Grade II listed.

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Steve Bulman.

Rudding Chapel (R.C.), at Rudding Park. Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Grade II listed.

St. Aelred of Rievaulx (R.C.). Paul Marshall.

St. John at Bilton. Paul Marshall. Interior view, and some nicely carved capitals, both Kenneth Paver (2014). Grade II* listed.

The former St. Luke (now flats, Grade II listed), and the new St. Luke's. Both Paul Marshall.

St. Mark. Paul Marshall. Grade II listed.

St. Mary, recently closed. This church may be demolished as it has been pronounced structurally unsafe. Paul Marshall. Grade II* listed.

St. Paul (U.R.C.). SE 303 550. Steve Bulman. Another view. James Murray. Link.

St. Peter on Cambridge Street. Steve Bulman. Another view. James Murray. Interior view. Paul Marshall. Side altar. James Murray. Grade II listed.

St. Wilfrid is a Temple Moor church dating from 1905-1913. Paul Marshall. Another view. Interior view. Both Stan Walker. The rood, and panels illustrating the Passion, both Kenneth Paver (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

This former Salvation Army Citadel probably has the most dramatic change of use on the website - it's now a strip club!! Rob Brettle.

Spiritual Healing Church. Steve Bulman. Link.

Trinity Methodist Church. Paul Marshall. Grade II listed.

West Park U.R.C. Bill Henderson.

Wesley Chapel on Oxford Street. James Murray. Link. Grade II listed.




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