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Harris, Western Isles

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Amhuinnsuidhe, the former Mission Church, now converted to residential use. NB 045 083. It doesn't show on the 1903 OS map, so must date to between then and the early 1970's when it shows as Mission Church on the 1972/3 map. Martin Richter (2013).

Leverburgh, Church of Scotland. NG 020 868. John Mackie. Another view, Martin Richter (2013). From the photo (click it to enlarge) on this link, it is evident that the church was originally smaller. Current status uncertain - the church does not appear to be listed on the Church of Scotland Churchfinder website. Free Church of Scotland (1909). NG 021 868. John Mackie. Another view, Martin Richter (2013). Link. Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NG 022 865. Martin Richter (2013). Link.

Manish, Church of Scotland. NG 104 891. John Mackie.

Roghadal, St. Clement. Another view. John describes it as "the grandest medieval building in the Western Isles". It dates from the early 16th century, but was abandoned following the Reformation. Repaired and re-roofed in the 1780's, and repaired again in 1873, it is now in the care of Historic Scotland. NG 047 831. Both John Mackie.

Scalpay, Free Church. Link. Church of Scotland. NG 235 965. John tells me that in 2000 the Free Church split (the Scottish churches seem to delight in schisms), and the Free Church building passed to the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). The congregation of the Free Church currently meet in the Church of Scotland building. Both John Mackie.

Scarista, Church of Scotland (1840), built as the Parish Church for Harris. NG 015 925. John Mackie.

Stocinis (or Stockinish), Free Presbyterian Church. Another view. NG 136 909. Both Martin Richter (2013). Link. Howard Richter advises of other churches nearby as follows - can you offer photos of any of these? Marked on a 1903-4 map, there was a Mission House at NG 1355 9151, and the building is still extant. A photo is available here. Another former Mission House, now roofless, stands at NG 1401 9344. Here it is on the same map, and it can be seen in an aerial view here. There was yet another Mission House at Collam, shown on the same map here - NG 1524 9141, and aerial view here. Lastly, Christ Church (Episcopal) stands at NG 1375 9423. This website has photos (exterior and interior).

Tarbert, Church of Scotland, built ca. 1860 and renovated in 1953. Free Presbyterian Church, dating from ca. 1900. NG 157 998. Both John Mackie.




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