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Harlesden, Greater London

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All Souls is the parish church, built in 1879. Another view. TQ 2158 8332. Both Gervase N. E. Charmley. Link.

Christ Church (Free Church of England). Gervase N. E. Charmley.

Church of Our Lady of Willesden (R.C.). Gervase N. E. Charmley. Link.

The Eritrean Orthodox Church stands at the junction of Tubbs Road and High Street. It was previously a Methodist Chapel (1901-1963). The 1:1056 O.S. map of 1893-5 shows an earlier chapel at the south-western end of the site, and labels it as Free United Methodist. Slightly later maps label it as a Sunday School. This building survives, and can be seen here on a 2019 Streetview, with the Eritrean Church in the background. TQ 2207 8308. Derek West.

Harlesden Baptist Church on Acton Lane. It pre-dates a map of 1894-6. Note the truncated spire - when and why did this happen? TQ 2139 8329. Gervase N. E. Charmley. Another view, Derek West. Link.

Harlesden Methodist Church. The original church was destroyed in WWII, but the Sunday School survived. The present church seems to have been built on the site of the destroyed church. TQ 2161 8343. Both Gervase N. E. Charmley. Another view of the church. Derek West. Link.

Pentecostal City Mission Church on Scrubs Lane under construction in 2009. Gervase N. E. Charmley.

Rebirth Tabernacle International. Gervase N. E. Charmley.

St. Margaret and St. George (U.R.C. and Moravian). Gervase N. E. Charmley.

St. Matthew, photographically uncooperative! Gervase N. E. Charmley.

Salvation Army Hall. Gervase N. E. Charmley.

An old church (probably....) on Letchford Gardens. Undoubtedly has a churchy look, but it is certainly unusual. Gervase has since discovered that this was College Park Presbyterian Church. It started as a mission to railwaymen in 1875, and by 1884 was a preaching-station, and a church by 1890. Gervase N. E. Charmley.




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