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Hall Green, Birmingham

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Al-Hira Educational Centre & Jamia Masjid (2020 Streetview) on the west side of Stratford Road. SP 1053 8179. Facebook.

Bethel Hall Green Apostolic Church (2019 Streetview) on Creswell Road was earlier Hall Green Pentecostal Church (2009 Streetview). SP 1174 8130.

Christchurch Hall Green (Baptist) on the east side of Stratford Road, as seen by Streetview in 2020. SP 1062 8171. Link. The history page tells us that the congregation had met in what is now the Friends Meeting House (see below) in the 1920's, then built a building at the back of the present site in 1926, followed by the present church in 1935-6.

Church of the Ascension (2009 Streetview) stands at the junction of School Road and Fox Hollies Road. Older O.S. maps label it as Marston Chapel. SP 1100 8179. Link1. The history page says it was consecrated in 1704, with later additions. Link2. Grade II* listed.

Friends' Meeting House (2020 Streetview) at the S.E. corner of Stratford Road and Hamlet Road, at SP 1072 8147. This source says it was originally a Reading Room, of 1883, bought by the Friends in the late 1920's. Link.

Hall Green Christadelphian Meeting Room is on Springfield Road, and has been seen by Streetview in 2008 only. SP 0966 8276. Link.

Hall Green Independent Spiritualist Centre (2020 Streetview) on York Road. SP 1057 8250. Link.

Hall Green United Community Church (2021 Streetview) stands on the east side of Reddings Lane at its junction with York Road. Originally Wesleyan Methodist, it was Hall Green Methodist Church as recently as 2014 (Streetview), but by the time of the next Streetview visit in 2015 it had acquired its present name following a merger with Sparkhill United Church (Moravian/U.R.C.). SP 1040 8250. Link1. Link2.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses stands behind Bethel Hall Green Apostolic Church on Creswell Road. It can be seen in the background of a Streetview from 2018, with Bethel Hall at the right. SP 1179 8127.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Hindu temple) on Pitmaston Road at SP 1157 8092. The only Streetview available shows the building site in 2019. Link1. BBC news story - opened in 2022.

Masjid Eesa ibn Maryam on the south side of Etwall Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. It was originally Congregational, and later Trinity U.R.C. (2014 Streetview). SP 1041 8057. Link1. News story.

On the south side of Wycome Road is Hall Green Mosque (2019 Streetview) at SP 1095 8094. Link.

The former Methodist Church (2014 Streetview) on Redstone Farm Road. It was originally Wesleyan, and now serves as the Church Hall for the adjacent St. Michael (see below). SP 1191 8122st 2014

St. Ambrose Barlow (R.C.) on Lakey Lane, as seen by Streetview in 2012. SP 1161 8144. Link1. Link2 dates it to 1981.

St. Michael (2014 Streetview) stands on the west side of Redstone Farm Road. A former Methodist Church (see above) stands adjacent, now serving as the church hall. SP 1192 8124. Link.

St. Peter on Highfield Road, as seen by Streetview in 2012. It was originally a Mission Hall. SP 1014 8070. Link. The Church Buildings page dates it to 1964.





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