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Churches in Milton.

Cemetery Chapel on Old Road West. TQ 641 732. Dave Westrap. Link.

Chalk Pentecostal Church. TQ 665 731. Alan Taylor. At some point, the building has evidently been demolished or radically altered as Dave's photo of the current Pentecostal Church shows. Do you know when this was done? Dave Westrap. Link.

Christ Church was consecrated in 1935. TQ 453 730.  Dave Westrap. A postcard, probably from the late 1920's, of the old church, which was built in 1854, closed in 1932, and demolished in 1934. It was at TQ 650 735. From the T. Larkin Collection.

The former Christian Scientist Church (recently demolished), which stood on Darnley Road. TQ 643 737. Dave Westrap. Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Pelham Road. 177 TQ 644 739. Former L.D.S., now a nursery. TQ 642 737. Dave Westrap.

Congregational Chapel (Princes St.), was built in 1717, enlarged in 1797, closed in 1953, and demolished in 1961; the site is now occupied by M&S. TQ 647 742. From the T. Larkin Collection.

Emmanuel Baptist Church. TQ 647 737. Dave Westrap. Link.

Free Evangelical Church. Dave Westrap.

Holy Family, dedicated in 1959. TQ 655 714.  Dave Westrap. Link.

Holy Trinity was built in 1844 and demolished in 1963. TQ 652 740. From the T. Larkin Collection. Link.

Hope Church (Reformed Baptist), formerly the Zoar Chapel, Peacock Street. The Zoar chapel opened in 1846, and was restored by the Reformed Baptists in 1996. TQ 650 739. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

Kingdom Hall of the Witnesses of Jehovah. TQ 650 735. Dave Westrap.

Methodist Church, Milton Road. Dave Westrap. Link.

Muslim Cultural Centre and Mosque. TQ 655 740. Dave Westrap.

New Life Christian Fellowship, formerly the Shaftsbury Society's Church in the Valley. TQ 658 719. Dave Westrap. Link.

Pentecostal Church on Pier Road. TQ 637 743. Dave Westrap.

Providence Chapel of the Strict Baptists. TQ 652 739. Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Aidan; TQ 661 725. While the present church was being built, the church hall served as the church. Both Dave Westrap.

St. Andrew (Presbyterian), demolished in 1961. TQ 649 738. A photo taken in 1890 is available in "Gravesend and Northfleet Revisited", by Robert Hiscock, 1998. Information supplied by Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Andrew (Royal Pier Road), while still in use as an Anglican Church and Waterside Mission. Tony Larkin Collection. It was built in 1870, closed in 1970, and was made redundant in 1971. It has served as an Arts Centre since 1977. TQ 649 743. Dave Westrap. Another view. Julieanne Savage. Link1. Link2. Link3. Link4.

St. George. TQ 646 743. Dave Westrap. Another view from an old postcard dated 1907-8. The current church was opened in 1733, the previous building (dating from 1497) was destroyed by fire in 1727. An interior view, also from an old postcard, from about 1907-8. Some more photos, all Dave Westrap - interior views 1, 2, 3, the East Window, depicting the Risen Lord, the Ladies window, and the Pocahontas window. Statue of Pocahontas, who is believed to be buried here. Link1. Link2. Link3.

St. James, built in 1851, was demolished in 1968. Site is at TQ 644 741. From the T. Larkin Collection. Link1. Link2.

St. John the Evangelist (R.C.) on Parrock Street; TQ 649 741. Interior view. Both Dave Westrap. Link. Another view, from an old (pre-1906) postcard. The church was built in 1834 as an independent Anglican church called St John the Baptist. It was sold to the Catholic Church in 1851, and the dedication was changed. The tower was added in 1873. Another old postcard (franked 1911) show the interior.

St. Joseph's Convent of the Sisters of Mercy chapel. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

St. Luke, in a postcard dating from about 1909 Courtesy of the T. Larkin Collection. "Gravesend and Northfleet Revisited", by Robert Hiscock, 1998, has a photo from about 1900. Originally a Mission Church for St. James, founded in 1886, it became a church hall in 1939 and was demolished in the early 1960's. Information supplied by Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Margaret at Ifield. TQ 652 701. Dave Westrap. Another view, from an old postcard, courtesy of the Tony Larkin Collection. The card is captioned "Singlewell Church", an alternative name for Ifield.

St. Mark. TQ 636 740. Dave Westrap. Link. Dating from 1977, this church replaced an earlier building (1853-1976), seen here in an old postcard, T. Larkin Collection. Link.

St. Mary, which once existed on Dashwood Road; an interior shot from a postcard of about 1905, T. Larkin Collection. Location is approximately TQ 642 730. This corrugated iron church was built in 1904, and was succeeded in 1938 by the church on Wrotham Road.

St. Mary on Wrotham Road, opened in 1938. TQ 644 726. Dave Westrap.

St. Mary (R.C.) at Denton. TQ 661 735. Origins are 10th century, the current structure was rebuilt from ruins in 1901, having been disused since the 17th century. Interior view. Both Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Mary the Virgin at Chalk. Originating in the 13th century, it was restored during Victoria's reign. TQ 683 724. Dave Westrap. A postcard view (franked 1909). T. Larkin Collection. Link.

St. Paul (U.R.C.) dates from 1963. TQ 647 720. Dave Westrap. Link.

Salvation Army Citadel, opened in 1966. TQ 649 738. Dave Westrap.

Former Salvation Army Hall (demolished). Rob Brettle.

Sri Guru Ravidass Gurdwara (formerly a non-conformist chapel).

Synagogue (former), off Windmill St. TQ 647 734. Dave Westrap.

A Wesleyan Chapel used to stand on Milton Road at TQ 649 741. Built as Ebenezer Chapel in 1812, and subsequently enlarged in 1841, it was eventually demolished in 1906. The current Methodist Church replaced it in the same year. Information supplied by Dave Westrap. Another view. Both images are from old postcards, dated to about 1904. Link.




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