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Grasmere, Cumbria

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Glenthorne is a large house, converted as a Quaker Guest House and Conference Centre. Another view. The Friends meet here for worship. NY 3353 0786. Both Martin Richter (2017). Link, with a history here.

Methodist church at NY 3372 0757. Originally Wesleyan, this source dates it to 1874, closing in 2008. Steve Bulman.

A small Mortuary Chapel stands in the cemetery on Pye Lane at NY 3385 0834. Steve Bulman (2019).

Our Lady of the Wayside (R.C., 1964-5), and an interior view. NY 3408 0811. Both Dennis Harper (2011). Link.

St. Oswald - a church of ancient foundation, and medieval construction, but much is hidden by render. NY 3373 0738. Steve Bulman. Interior view, and an interesting font, both Dennis Harper (2011). An old postcard of the interior (posted in 1921), from Paul E. Barnett's Collection. Link. Grade I listed (rather a short entry for a grade I). Project Gutenberg has "The Church of Grasmere: A History", by M.L. Armitt, 1912 edition. It includes photographs, drawings and plans.






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