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Gosport, Hampshire

Gosport on Wikipedia.

Christ Church on Stoke Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2009). Link.

Gosport Methodist Church on Stoke Road. Another view. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

Holy Trinity Church on Trinity Green. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

The Old Chapel on St. George's Walk now houses the Gosport Resource Centre. Obviously a "tin tabernacle", what denomination was it? Jim Parker (2009).

St. John the Evangelist on Forton Road. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

St. Mary (R.C.) on High Street. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

Stoke Road Baptist Church on Stoke Road. Jim Parker (2009). Link.

U.R.C. on Bury Road. Jim Parker (2009). Link.






01 September 2018

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