The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Forest Hall, Tyne and Wear

Forest Hall on Wikipedia.

Bethesda Gospel Hall (Baptist?). NZ 282 698. Clive Berriman.

The long-gone St. Columba (a tin tabernacle) which stood on Great Lime Road, West Moor. Bill advises (in 2011) that it was demolished "over 60 years ago". NZ 27 70. From Ron Maddox's Collection, and sent in by Bill Henderson.

St. Mary (R.C.). Bill Henderson.

United Reformed Church (formerly Presbyterian). Bill Henderson. Another view of the U.R.C., undergoing some works. Clive Berriman. Bill Henderson has advised (2011) that this latter view reflects the end of the church, as it has been converted to residential use.





04 March 2023

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