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Falkirk, Falkirk    

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Bainsford Parish Church (CoS) on Hendry Street. The Linked with St. James (see below). Another view, and the Church Hall. All Jim Parker (2015). Link.

The site of the demolished Baptist Church on Melville Street. Jim Parker (2015).

Christ Church (Episcopal, 1863-4) on Kerse Lane. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Church of Christ (1904) on Pleasance Gardens was previously U.R.C. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Destiny Church meet at Graeme High School on Callendar Road. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Erskine Parish Church (1905) on Hodge Street. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Falkirk and District Spiritualist Church. Mehmood Naqshbandi (2009). Link.

Falkirk Baptist Church on Weir Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Falkirk Islamic Centre on Burnhead Lane. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Falkirk Trinity Church on Manse Place. This is the site of the medieval parish church (the square tower is a survival of this). Falkirk Old Church was much modified in later years, and was re-named Falkirk Trinity Church on the union with St. Modan's congregation in 1986. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Jim Parker (2015). Link.

The site of Grahams Road Church (1878-1989). An old photo of the church is avaialble here. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Grahamston Evangelical Church meet in Miller Hall on Gowan Avenue. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Grahamston United Parish Church on Bute Street. The Parish Hall. Both Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Greater World Spiritualist Church meet in the Guide Hall on The Pleasance. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Independent Baptist Church meet (or met?) in Falkirk Christian Centre on Glebe Street. Their website says they now meet in Grangmouth Business Centre in Earl's Gate Park. Jim Parker (2015).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Victoria Road. Jim Parker (2015).

Living World United Pentecostal Church on Canal Street. Jim Parker (2015).

Olivet Evangelical Church on Kerse Lane. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2015). Link.

St. Andrews West Church on Newmarket Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2015). Link.

St. Francis Xavier (R.C.) on Hope Street. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

St. James Church (CoS) on Thornhill Road is linked with Bainsford Church (See above). Jim Parker (2015). Link.

The former St. Modan's Parish Church (1914-15) on Cochrane Avenue. It went out of use as a church in 1986 and was subsequently converted into flats. The congregation joined with the Old Parish Church to become Falkirk Trinity Church (see above). Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Salvation Army on Woodside Court. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

Struthers Memorial Church on Dundee Court. Jim Parker (2015). Link.

The curiously named Tattie Kirk (Anti-Burgher, 1806) on Cow Wynd. A plaque gives a short history, and theories as to its name. It also explains that it hasn't been used as a church since 1879, and has had numerous uses since. Both Jim Parker (2015). Link1. Link2.

The People's Church (1799) on West Bridge Street was previously Falkirk West Kirk. Jim Parker (2015). Link1. Link2.

Weir Street Gospel Hall. Jim Parker (2015).





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