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  Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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Churches at Great Sutton, Hooton, Little Sutton, Overpool.

Bethany Chapel on Flatt Lane. What is probably a view of the church before alterations can be seen here. SJ 3976 7610. Bruce Read. Link.

The former Christ Church on Worcester Street, now a community centre, soon to close. SJ 4043 7695. Bruce Read. Link. As of 2011, it's Centre 4 Renewal (Elim Pentecostal). John Balaam (2019). Link, which gives a date of 1869-71, closure in 1994, and re-opening as the current church in 2011. Grade II listed.

A map of 1881 shows a Church (disused) a short way due north of Christ Church, at SJ 4042 7701. Its site lies beneath the green space on Queen Street, seen by Streetview in 2014. It's likely to have been the "Anglican Church of 1842", replaced by Christ Church (source, at 3.4), but it doesn't otherwise name it. Can you?

Ellesmere Masjid and Islamic Centre, on Station Road and King Street, as seem by Streetview in 2022. SJ 4040 7675.

Hope Farm Methodist Church on Hope Farm Road and Bridge Meadow. SJ 3865 7481. Bruce Read. Link.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, on Coronation Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. SJ 4018 7556.

An otherwise unidentified Mission Hall is shown on the 6" map of 1899 at SJ 4038 7736. Streetview saw its site (under the road beyond the fence) in 2022.

A large scale map of 1896 shows a Mission Hall (Wesleyan), immediately to the N.E. of Christ Church. It pre-dates a map of 1896, and demolished by the mid-20th century. Its site lies on an undeveloped site between the office block seen by Streetview in 2020 from Queen Street, and Christ Church. SJ 4046 7697.

Our Lady Star of the Sea (R.C) on Enfield Road and Whitby Road. SJ 4007 7622. Bruce Read. Link.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel used to stand on Upper Mersey Street (now Grace Road) at SJ 4025 7722. Pre-dating a map of 1881, its site now lies beneath the M53, the left-hand bridge support (2015 Streetview).

Another P.M. Chapel stood on Whitby Road, very close to where St. Thomas stands today. An L-shaped building, its long arm stretched roughly from the camera to the right hand house, then a right angle to the left hand house. It's dated to 1873 here, where there is a photo of the chapel. SJ 3957 7577.

St. Thomas and All Saints on Whitby Road. SJ 3962 7580. Bruce Read. Link.

Salvation Army Church on Whitby Road. SJ 3952 7576. Bruce Read. Link.

Trinity Methodist Church  on Whitby Road at SJ 3993 7613. Bruce Read. Link.

U.R.C. on Chester Road. SJ 394 755. Bruce Read. Link.

Welsh Chapel on Westminster Road. SJ 4011 7691. Bruce Read. It has been converted to residential use.

Former church, built relatively recently, was apparently soon converted to a hostel for homeless people. Can you advise its denomination? SJ 4032 7662. Bruce Read. My thanks to Matt Davis who has advised that this was Westminster Methodist Church, on John Nicholas Crescent, registered and de-registered in 1969 and 2003 respectively, giving a rough guide to its active use for services.

Great Sutton

St. John the Evangelist on Old Chester Road and Church Lane. SJ 3766 7556. Bruce Read. Link. Grade II listed. The churchyard war memorial is also listed, as grade II.
St. Saviour (R.C.) on Tarporley Road. SJ 3854 7595. Bruce Read. Link.

St. Mary of the Angels (R.C.) on Chester Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. SJ 3629 7824. Link.
St. Paul, off Chester Road. SJ 3672 7749. Bruce Read. Link.


Little Sutton
Methodist Church on Chester Road. SJ 3687 7708. Bruce Read. Link.
St. George (U.R.C.) on Chester Road. A map of 1898 labels it as Presbyterian. A 2021 news story shows that the church has closed - it also dates it to the 1840's. SJ 3704 7677. Bruce Read.

Mortuary Chapel in Overpool Cemetery. SJ 3860 7715. Bruce Read.
The former (and demolished) Pooltown Methodist Church on Rivacre Road. According to this source, it dates from 1901, as Primitive Methodist. SJ 3853 7747. Bruce Read.
A former Church on Seymour Road, now a nursery. SJ 3844 7679. Bruce Read. Janet Gimber has advised that this was St. Francis (CoE). It's dated here to 1937-1989.




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