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  Dungannon, County Tyrone                                                     

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Aras Mhuire Oratory (R.C.). H 796 624. Gerard Close (2010). Link.

Baptist Church opened in 2009. Gerard Close (2010). The previous church was demolished to make way for it. H 796 621. Gerard Close.

Elim Pentecostal Church. H 800 620. Gerard Close.

Emmanuel Free Methodist Church. H 808 616. Gerard Close.

Free Presbyterian Church (and Church Hall). H 816 609. Gerard Close. A new church was built on the same site, and it opened in 2011. Gerard Close (2012).

Friends Meeting House. H 838 587. Gerard Close.

Gospel Hall. H 796 625. Gerard Close.

Independent Methodist Church. H 808 598.  Gerard Close. Link.

Lifeboat Mission Hall. H 828 585. Gerard Close. A replacement building was erected in 2010. Gerard Close (2011).

Methodist Church. H 799 623. Gerard Close.

The Moygashel Presbyterian Church. H 806 602. Gerard Close.

Presbyterian Church. H 795 623.  Gerard Close. Link.

St. Anne (CoI). H 797 624. Gerard Close.

St. Elizabeth (CoI). H 807 598. Gerard Close.

St. Patrick (R.C.), undergoing restoration work. Another view. A temporary church has been erected nearby. Interior view. H 800 624. All Gerard Close. A view post-restoration. Gerard Close (2010). Link.

The visually unexciting (if colourful) Vineyard Church. H 797 624. Gerard Close. Link.






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