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  Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire

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The Chapel of Notre Dame Convent (1933-5) on Cardross Road. The convent itself has been demolished. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Havoc Road. Jim Parker (2014).

Dalreoch United Free Church on Hawthornhill Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Dumbarton Baptist Church on Meadowbank Street. Another view. The Oasis Centre is also part of the church (news item). All Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Dumbaron Free High Church on Latta Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former Dumbarton United Reformed Church (1882) on Leven Street. Jim Parker (2014). Grade C(S) listed.

The former Dumbarton West Kirk on West Bridgend, now in use as West Kirk Church Hall. Jim Parker (2014).

The former Free High Church on High Street, now a leisure centre. Jim Parker (2014). Grade B listed.

The site of Knoxland Parish Church on Bruce Street, now occupied by housing. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Lennox Evangelical Church on Risk Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Rock Community Church meet in Burgh Hall on Church Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Riverside Parish Church (CoS) on High Street. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Andrew (CoS) on St. Andrew's Brae. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Augustine (Episcopal, dedicated in 1858) on High Street. It was preceded by an earlier chapel of 1856. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The sole remnant of St. Mary's Collegiate Church. On Church Street, it originally stood under what is now the railway station. See more on the plaque. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Michael (R.C.) on Cardross Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Patrick (R.C.) on Strathleven Place. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Peter (R.C.) on Howatshaws Road. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The ruins of St. Serf in Levengrove Park, Woodyard Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

Silverton Christian Congregation on Dumbuie Avenue. Dermot Kavanagh. Before 2016 it had been Bethany Meeting Hall, Jim Parker (2014).

West Kirk (CoS) on West Bridgend. Another view shows the church and hall (see Dumbarton West Kirk, above) together. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.




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