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Devizes, Wiltshire

Devizes on Wikipedia.

Catholic Church of Our Lady, the Immaculate Conception (1865) in St. Joseph's Place. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II listed.

Cemetery Chapels in the cemetery on Dyehouse Lane, The Anglican Chapel is on the left, Nonconformist on the right. Interior view (taken through a window). Both Janet Gimber (2018).

The former Chapel of St. Mary, Congregational, on Northgate Street. This was originally Independent. Janet Gimber (2018). There's some history here.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Avon Terrace. Janet Gimber (2018).

Maryport Street Baptist Church dates from circa 1780. Janet Gimber (2018).

New Baptist Church on Sheep Street. Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II listed.

From 1879 to 1895, the Open Brethren met in rooms in this building on High Street. Janet Gimber (2018).

Quaker Meeting House, on The Nursery. Their previous Meeting House on High Street was built in 1702, and used (intermittently) by the Quakers until 1902. Now in secular use, it has also been home to Exclusive Brethren. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Rock Community Church on New Park Street. This was built as Salem Baptist Chapel in 1838, and was later used by the Open Brethren. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

St. Andrew (Methodist and U.R.C.) on Long Street. Janet Gimber (2018).

St. James. Phil Draper.
Previously in the "Unknown" section, an old unlabelled engraving from Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Initially the suggestion was made by Simon Davies, based on the similarity of the towers, that this was St. Mary at Westwood, Wiltshire. This link shows the present-day church. Phil Draper identified it as St. James in Devizes. The similarity of St. James' tower, and that of St. Mary in Westwood is remarkable. Link. Grade II* listed.

St. John the Baptist. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. Three modern views - 1, 2, 3, all Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade I listed.

St. Mary the Virgin. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. Janet also sent me a photo of a notice saying that all Sunday services are now held at St. John. Evidently a complete change of use is envisaged - see here. Link. Grade I listed.

St. Peter (1865) on Bath Road. Interior view. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II listed.







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