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Dereham, Norfolk

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Baptist Church. TF 991 129. Steve Bulman (2005). An old postcard view (ca. 1938), from Eric Whitwell's Collection. Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (circa 2005), off Yaxham Road. TF 997 121. Richard Roberts (2016).

Cowper Memorial Evangelical Congregational Church. So called because the poet William Cowper died in the house previously on the site. Also known as "The Church in the Market Place". TF 989 132. Steve Bulman (2005).

(East) Dereham Cemetery has two adjacent mortuary chapels. The left (CoE) is still in use, and the right, originally Non-Conformist, is now used for council storage. Interior view of the latter. TF 990 138. Both Richard Roberts (2016). Grade II listed.

The former East Dereham Congregational Church (1815) was subsequently used as a Sunday School, Gerard Charmley (2012).

Former Non-Conformist Chapel on Norwich Street, now a Freemason's Hall. Eric Whitwell.

St. Nicholas. The separate and imposing bell-tower. TF 986 133. Both Steve Bulman (2005). Another view showing the belltower and church. Jane Marriott. And from Colin Waters' Collection, an old engraving. Link.

Salvation Army. Steve Bulman (2005).

Trinity Methodist Church. Steve Bulman (2005).

The former United Methodist Church on Norwich Road. Built in 1901, demolished 2007. Eric Whitwell.




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