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Deal, Kent

Deal on Wikipedia.

Bill Beer's Deal website contains many church photos.

Baptist Church. TR 377 515. Geoff Watt.

Catholic Church of St. John the Evangelist, at Mill Hill. TR 359 511. Geoff Watt.

Catholic Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury. TR 375 524. Geoff Watt. Link.

Former Congregational Church, now an Information Centre. TR 376 529. Geoff Watt.

Linden Hall (Brethren) on St. Georges Road. Alan Taylor.

Pentecostal Church. TR 365 514.   Geoff Watt. Previously a building on Weston Avenue was used.   Alan Taylor.

St. Andrew. TR 374 531. Geoff Watt. Link.

St. George. TR 376 528. Geoff Watt. Link.

St. Leonard, Upper Deal. TR 363 518. Geoff Watt. An old postcard view, this one from John Bowdler's Collection.

St. Michael. TR 374 515. Geoff Watt.

Chapel. Geoff isn't sure of its current status. TR 3625 5100. Geoff Watt. Howard Richter has advised that this is St. Richard (apparently still active), and it stands on Mill Hill, just off St. Richard's Road. The church notice board, visible on Streetview here, says St. Richard's Church Centre. Link.

Spiritualist Church at Mill Hill. TR 362 511. Geoff Watt.

Trinity Church (Methodist and U.R.C.). TR 375 531. Geoff Watt.

Previously listed as the scant remains of a church on Canada Road ( Geoff Watt), this building was the Royal Marines Concert Hall when it was destroyed in a fire. Previously it was the Royal Marines Chapel, North Barracks. Thanks to Bill Beer for advising this. TR 376 507.





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