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Dalmellington, East Ayrshire

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The Parish Church (1846). Two additional views - 1, 2. NS 4804 0609. All Howard Richter (2014).

The Old Kirk (1766) on Knowehead. After the new church was built, the old church was used as a residence for some 40 years, before being converted into a parish hall in 1888. It was re-built in 1938. Another view. NS 4805 0595. Link (a large pdf). The Old Kirk had been preceded by an earlier church, but other than the fact that there is documentary evidence for it in 1641, almost nothing is known about it. Both Howard Richter (2014).

The former Free Church, now used by the 33rd Ayrshire Scouts Group. NS 4791 0586. Howard Richter (2014). 

The town had two Catholic churches, both now demolished. Our Lady of the Rosary was built in 1860 on Low Main Street at about NS 4777 0585. The site can be seen here, and the church was centred roughly where the white car is standing. It shows on an old map here (you may need to zoom out with your mouse-wheel to see the map). Howard Richter (2014). Link.

Lamloch and Bellsbank Church of Scotland (1957). Originally a distinct church, it's now linked with Dalmellington Parish Church. Two additional views - 1, 2. NS 480 046. All Howard Richter (2014). 

The site of St. Barbara's R.C. Church, which opened in 1961 on Gas Brae (since re-named as Townhead), at about NS 4816 6058. The exact placement of the centre of the church is to the rear of the house nearest to the camera. A photo of it can be seen here. It was demolished in 2003. Old map here, and the site can be seen here. Howard Richter (2014). Link. Howard advises of another church, shown on one of the current O.S. maps at about NS 4805 0599, on the east side of Knowehead, between the church and the Old Kirk. Can you advise what this is?





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