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Dalkeith, Midlothian

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Baptist Church on North Wynd. It stands on the site of a United Presbyterian Church that was in existence by 1853, when it shows on an OS map of that year. This was demolished long before the present church was built. Another view. NT 331 672. Both Howard Richter (2013). Link1. Link2 - the date of 1852 is obviously misleading here, as the building is plainly C20. 1852 may be applicable to the former UP church on this site, or possibly to the founding of the congregation.
The previous Baptist Church (built 1871), was demolished some time after 2003, and stood on London Road at NT 333 671. The church stood partly under the modern flats shown here, with the frontage a little closer to the camera, parallel with the former railway line, now also gone, which ran across the road. Howard Richter (2013). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Another view. NT 329 664. Both Howard Richter (2013).

Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God) on High Street. NT 333 674. Howard Richter (2013). Link1. Link2.

The site of the demolished Congregational Chapel which stood on the corner of Back Street (now St. Andrew's Street) and Tait Street (the far corner in the photo). According to this source, a place of worship was "acquired in 1805", implying that it wasn't a new build. Known then as "The Tabernacle", it continued in use as a church until 1868 when a new church opened on the High Street. The building continued in use well into the 20th century, and it appears to have been demolished post-1985, when mention is made of it in use as a Liberal Hall. Another view, also showing the spire of St. Nicholas. NT 333 673. Both Howard Richter (2013).
The site of the 1868 church, which closed in 1967, is now occupied by a branch of Boots. NT 3306 6723. Howard Richter (2013), who advises that the Congregationalists also had another church - an Evangelical Union Chapel - on Cross Street, at about NT 3308 6708.

St. David (R.C., 1853-4, by Joseph Hansom) on Eskbank Road. NT 328 669. Howard Richter (2013). Link. Grade A listed.

St. John's and King's Park (CoS, 1870), currently undergoing restoration. The main door. Built as King's Park United Presbyterian, it merged with St. John's Free Church in 1912, when the latter became too small for the congregation. St. John's is believed to have been what shows as "Free Church" on an 1853 map, and on the 1907 edition as "U.F. Church", and thus on the south side of Buccleugh Street (at about NT 331 671. It was probably demolished between 1911 (when the first service in the combined church took place) and 1914, when the next map shows a "Picture Palace" on the same site. This building, or a later replacement, became the Playhouse Cinema, and is now a snooker hall. Whether any of the original church building fabric survived these changes is not known at the moment. NT 330 671. Both Howard Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3Grade B listed.

St. Mary the Virgin (Episcopal, 1843). Another view. The main door has splendid ironwork. NT 335 677. All Howard Richter (2013). Link. Grade A listed.

St. Nicholas on High Street. The ruins, better seen here, are the remains of the choir, partitioned off from the rest of the church when it was made the parish church in 1592. The roof collapsed in about 1770. Another view. NT 333 674. All Howard Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Grade A listed.

Salvation Army hall (built - though not by its current occupiers - in 1870). Howard Richter advises that, according to "Dalkeith Since the War" (ISBN 1 84033 348 0), this was at one time a Full Gospel Church. NT 332 674. Rob Brettle.

The site of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Church on the corner of South Street and St. Andrew's Street at NT 3322 6722. The current building on the site has been placed rather further back from the corner than the chapel. Opened for worship in 1788, by the 1950's it was in use by the Open Brethren, when it was known as Wesley Hall. It may have ceased as a Methodist Chapel on or before 1887, when another Wesleyan Chapel opened on the corner of Bonnyrigg Road and Westfield Park at NT 3223 6632. It too has been demolished, sometime after 1948, when it shows on the OS map of that year. It seems to have closed as a chapel after 1914, also from map evidence, when it is shown as "Chapel", but by 1930 when this source says  - "Methodism in Dalkeith has now been defunct for many years". There appears to be no Methodist worship in Dalkeith today.

The former West Kirk, also known as Buccleuch Kirk, on Old Edinburgh Road. Although completed in 1840, it didn't come into use for over 10 years - see the Grade B listing. It closed in 1989, and is now in commercial use by a joinery firm. Two additional views - 1, 2. NT 330 673. All Howard Richter (2013).





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