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Cullompton, Devon

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Baptist Church on High Street. Another view. ST 0210 0745. Chris Kippin (2021). Link.

Hebron Church on Queen Square. Circa ST 0211 0709. Chris Kippin (2021).

The former Methodist Church on New Cut was originally Wesleyan. The church is mentioned on Genuki as having records from 1806. Pevsner says the present building was built in 1872, replacing an earlier chapel of 1764, destroyed in a fire. A photo is available here (scroll down). ST 0201 0725.

The cemetery on Tiverton Road has two Mortuary Chapels, which Chris says look identical apart from the finials. Both are grade II listed, wherein they are dated to 1856. The more easterly chapel is at ST 0166 0742, listing; the other is at ST 0162 0743, listing.

Somewhat anachronistically, the 2013 O.S. map shows a cross for a place of worship off the west side of Fore Street, at ST 0204 0727. Streetmap also shows a "PW" here. Chris Kippin tried to find it during a visit in 2021, but was unable to see anything. It was apparent that it must have stood close to, or been interior to, the property known as The Walronds. This is now home to a craft market, and enquiries made by Chris established that the catholic owners of the building before WW1 converted an existing building at the rear of the property into the towns first catholic chapel. Subsequent to the building of the present catholic church (see St. Boniface below), which this source dates to 1929, the Walronds chapel was used as offices, and later as a garage, but it was demolished at some so far uncertain date. What was probably the access point from Fore Street can be seen in a Streetview of 2021.

St. Andrew. Another view, the interior, fan vaulting in the south aisle, the splendid screen, and the ceiling. ST 0219 0717. All Chris Kippin (2021). Link. Grade I listed. Several tomb chests are listed separately - they can be seen here.

St. Boniface (R.C.) on Shortlands. ST 0186 0711. Chris Kippin (2021). Link.

Unitarian Church on Pound Square and Cockpit Hill. Pevsner dates it to 1912, the third chapel on the site. ST 0209 0703. Chris Kippin (2021). The church website has an interior view.






30 November 2021

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