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Cubbington, Warwickshire

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Brethren's Meeting Room. John Bowdler (2009).

Ledbrooke Hall (1844). John believes that this was the second Methodist Chapel in Cubbington - dates 1844-1888. It continued in use as the church hall when the new church was built (see next entry). John Bowdler (2009).

Methodist Church (1888). Another view. Both John Bowdler (2009). Interior view, the pulpit, and two windows - 1, 2, all John Bowdler (2014).

St. Mary. SP 343 684. Steve Bulman. The following photos of St. Mary are all John Bowdler (2009) - another view, the porch and tower, interior view, and another, the altar, pulpit and font, sedilia, weather vane (which the birds obviously like). Link







01 September 2018

Steve Bulman

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