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Croydon, Greater London

Croydon on Wikipedia.

Baptist Church on Brighton Road. Peter Morgan (2015). Link.

Croydon Minster on Church Street. Only elevated to Mister status in 2011, it was previously the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist. Established in Saxon times, the medieval church was largely destroyed in a fire in 1867, and subsequently re-built, retaining some of the older fabric. Another view. TQ 3194 6544. Both Chris Kippin (2019). Link. The Wikipedia entry mentions that an iron church on Scarbrook Road was used for services during the reconstruction -  I haven't been able to find an image of it. Grade I listed.

Paga Outreach Ministries on Brighton Road. Peter Morgan (2015). Link.

St. Andrew (1857) on Southbridge Road. TQ 322 648. Chris Kippin (2019). Grade II listed.

St. Augustine on Churchill Road. Peter Morgan (2015). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Peter on St. Peter's Road, a G. G. Scott church, dedicated in 1851. Another view. TQ 326 644. Both Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

South Croydon United Church on Aberdeen Road. TQ 325 646. Chris Kippin (2019). Link.

Tamworth Road Baptist Chapel (1866). TQ 320 656. Chris Kippin (2019). Link.





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