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  Coventry, West Midlands

Coventry on Wikipedia.

Project Gutenberg has "The Churches of Coventry" by Frederic W. Woodhouse", 1909 edition. It includes photographs, drawings and plans, and being pre-WWII shows much that was destroyed during the war.

Churches in Binley, Foleshill, Potters Green, Styvechale, Willenhall.

All Saints on Streetview in 2023. It stands set back from Birmingham Road. SP 3019 8066. Link. Grade I listed, though much restored and rebuilt in the 1860's.

Baptist Church (1857) on Lower Ford Street. Sue Vickery. Since re-named as Hillfields Church, the church website history page says that it was originally known as Rehoboth. SP 3394 7927. Link.

Christ Church on Frankpledge Road, Cheylesmore. SP 3429 7743. James King. Link.

Coventry Cathedral, (ruined), dedicated to St Michael. The main part of the cathedral was destroyed during a bombing raid in 1940, only the tower and outer walls remain intact; at 295 feet the spire is the third tallest in England. Part of the modern post-war re-building can be seen to the right. A view from inside the destroyed building. SP 3362 7906. Both Paul Brown. An old postcard view of the intact building, from Reg Dosell's Collection. A close-up of the spire, Christopher Skottowe (1961), and views of the interior of the old cathedral, the interior of the new, with Sutherland's tapestry of Christ in Majesty, and Epstein's bronze of St. Michael and the devil, all from his postcard collection. A view of the modern building, also dedicated to St. Michael, James King. Interior view, Aidan McRae Thomson. The following two photos ( Christopher Skottowe (1960)) show the modern cathedral under construction - 1, 2. Link. Grade I listed (new), grade I listed (old).

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash (Sikh temple), off Leicester Causeway. SP 3372 7991. James King. Link.

Holy Trinity on Trinity Churchyard and Trinity Lane. SP 3351 7905. Paul Brown. Another view, James King. Interior view, and a detail of the Doom Painting, both Aidan McRae Thomson. Another view, John Bowdler. Another view, two interior views - 1, 2, the altar and East window, altar, side-chapel altar, font, pulpit, the crossing, some lovely floor tiling, and a selection of monuments, all John Bowdler (2012). Link. Grade I listed.

Methodist Church on Albany Road and Earlsdon Avenue South, Earlsdon. SP 3207 7808. James King. Link.

The former Methodist Church on Stoney Stanton Road and Eagle Street East, now a Muslim community centre. The date-stone, visible on a Streetview from 2020, says "Wesleyan Church 1898". James King.

Our Lady of the Assumption (R.C.) on Tile Hill Lane. James King.

St. Andrew at Eastern Green. James King.

St. James at Fletchamstead. James King.

St. James on Abbey Road, Whitley. SP 354 766. Keith Dorey (2014). Link.

St. John the Baptist on Fleet Street. SP 3305 7907. From a postcard in Reg Dosell's collection. Link and history. Wikipedia entry. Grade I listed.

St. Mark on Stoney Stanton Road, Swanswell, dates from 1868, and was closed as a place of worship in 1972. It was subsequently used (in part) as a medical practice. The Ascension Mural is by Hans Feibusch. SP 337 794. Both Keith Dorey (2014). BBC news item. Grade II listed, with an unusually sparse entry. Chrissie Brown has advised (2021) that the church was re-opened in 2017 - see here.

St. Mary at Walsgrave. Peter Morgan. Link.

St. Mary Magdalen on Wyken Croft, at Wyken, as seen by Streetview in 2023. SP 3666 8077. Link1. Link2 has some good photos, including the well preserved wall paintings and C12 font. Link3. Many photos here, including the interior. Grade I listed.

The 25" map of 1906 marks Site of Cathedral a short distance to the N.E. of Holy Trinity. This was the Cathedral of St. Mary's Priory. But it isn't just the site, there are above ground remains to be seen too. Streetviews from 2018 looking east (the clear plastic boxes protect the bases of the nave arcade), west and north. To the south is Holy Trinity. History, with map and commentary. To quote from the latter, "The general picture is of a large cruciform cathedral with a central tower, shallow transepts, and a polygonal east end, built at several different periods and having a total length of about 425 ft. It would thus be comparable in size to the cathedrals of Gloucester, Worcester, and Norwich". Grade I listed.

St. Michael at Stoke. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's collection.

St. Stanislaus Kosta (Polish R.C.). James King.

Shree Krishna Hindu Temple. James King.

Corpus Christi (R.C.). on Langbank Avenue. SP 366 773. Keith Dorey (2014). Link.
St. Bartholomew on Brinklow Road. SP 377 785. Keith Dorey (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

Baptist Church. James King.
St. Laurence. James King.
St. Paul James King.
Spiritualist Church. All James King.

Potters Green
St. Philip. James King.
U.R.C. on Woodway Lane. Older maps label it as Congregational. SP 3754 8212. James King. Streetview is labelling it as "permanently closed" in 2024. An un-dated news article which discusses its sale shows a photo of the church hall (the church is further back).

St. James. James King.
St. Thomas More (R.C.). James King.
U.R.C. James King.

St. Anne (R.C.) on Dunsmore Avenue. SP 365 764. Keith Dorey (2014). Link.
St. John the Divine. SP 366 767. Keith Dorey (2014). Link.
Willenhall Evangelical Free Church on Remembrance Road. SP 367 768. Keith Dorey (2014).





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