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Chorley, Lancashire

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All Saints. Peter Morgan.

Cemetery Chapel. Peter Morgan.

Chapel House Christian Fellowship. Peter Morgan.  

Chorley Methodist Church - see Trinity Methodist Church, below.

Community Church H.Q. on Halliwell Street - services are held at St. Michael's C. of E. School on Astley Road. SD 584 174. Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

Dawatul Islam Masjid Mosque on Brooke Street. SD 590 172. Mike Berrell (2012). Link.

The former Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel (1866) on Cunliffe Street, now a Masonic Hall. SD 584 173. Mike Berrell (2010).

Emmaus Chapel (Independent Pentecostal) on Avondale Road, formerly Brethrens' Meeting Hall. SD 582 173. Peter Morgan. Link.

Evangelical Free Church. Peter Morgan. Link.

Independent Methodist Church on Lyons Lane. SD 591 174. Peter Morgan.

Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Temple Way, Hartwood Green. Peter Morgan. Link, and an interesting article from the New Statesman.

Park Road Methodist Church. SD 583 180. Peter Morgan. The Rev. Martin Whiffen advised in 2017 that this church is now closed, and been sold to a local mosque for educational use. See also Trinity Methodist Church, below. Link.

Sacred Heart (R.C.) on Brooke Street. SD 590 172. Peter Morgan. Another view, Mike Berrell (2012).

St. George on St. George's Street. SD 585 174. Peter Morgan. Another view, two interior views - 1, 2, and an unusual font, all Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

St. James on Brooke Street. SD 592 171. Peter Morgan. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Harper's Lane. SD 590 185. Peter Morgan. Link.

St. Laurence on Market Street. SD 583 177. Peter Morgan. Link.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Mount Pleasant. Peter Morgan. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

St. Peter on Harper's Lane. SD 589 184. Peter Morgan.

Trinity Methodist Church. Peter Morgan. Since Peter took his photo, this church has united with the congregation of Park Road Methodist Church (which has closed), and Trinity has been re-named as Chorley Methodist Church.

Unitarian Chapel on Park Street. SD 583 179. Peter Morgan. Another view. Mike Berrell (2010). Two interior views - 1, 2, both Joan Dickinson, Chair of Chorley Historical Society. Link.

The former United Methodist Free Church on Railway Street, now in secular use. SD 586 174. Mike Berrell (2010). The Rev. Martin Whiffen advised in 2017 that this church has been demolished, and a new "Youth Zone" building built on the site.

U.R.C. on Hollinshead Street, originally Independent Chapel, built 1792 and elevated 1877, as inscribed on a stone. Mike Berrell (2010). Link. The Rev. Martin Whiffen has advised that this building was originally much lower, and the building increased in height, and a gallery added. With hindsight, this was a bad move, as they have had structural problems since. The church is currently (2017) negotiating with the local council to sell the building. It will be demolished to make way for a car park for a shopping centre. A new U. R. C. is to be built, with the intention of it opening in 2018. Added 2022 - the preceding plan was abandoned, and the church repaired and refurbished, re-opening in 2020. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Rev. Martin Whiffen.

Previously listed as a possible former chapel on Park Street, Mike's investigations (with the invaluable assistance of Joan Dickinson, Chair of the Chorley Historical Society) have established that this was a school building belonging to the Unitarian Chapel (see above). Now in use as a pre-school centre. SD 584 180. Mike Berrell (2010).




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