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Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Greater Manchester

Cheadle Heath on Wikipedia.

Grace Baptist Church on Edgeley Road. SJ 874 892. Len Brankin. Link.

Sacred Heart (R.C.) - see Salvation Army (below).

The former St. Augustine of Hippo (1887-2007, CoE) on Tillard Avenue. Now closed, the congregation shared St. John's Methodist Church (see below) from 2007-2011, when it was known as St. Augustine's @ St. John's, but more recently the former parish has become part of St. Matthew in Edgeley (for which, see Edgeley). SJ 878 895. Len Brankin. Mike Berrell advises that work has commenced (April 2017) to convert the church into flats, and managed to take some photos just before this started - two interior views - 1, 2, and the board listing churchwardens. All Mike Berrell.

St. John (Methodist and CoE) on Stockport Road. SJ 878 897. Len Brankin. Another view. Dennis Harper (2010).

Salvation Army Christian Church and Community Centre on Stockport Road, formerly Sacred Heart RC Church. SJ 875 895. Len Brankin. Interior view. Mike Berrell (2010).




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