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Chadderton, Oldham, Greater Manchester

Chadderton on Wikipedia.

The boundaries for this district seem somewhat variable, according to the source consulted, so it may also be useful to consult the Hollinwood section on the Oldham page.

The former Chadderton P.S.A. (Pleasant Sunday Afternoon) Society and Working Mens' Mission, dating from 1919, on Melbourne Street. A Helping Hand above the door. SD 907 053. Both Mike Berrell.

Christ Church on Block Lane. SD 908 040. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2. Both Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

Congregational Church on Garforth Street. SD 910 057.  Mike Berrell. Another view in 2016, with the church now re-named as Chadderton Community Church. Mike Berrell (2016). Link.

Corpus Christi (R.C.) on Derby Street. Another view. SD 908 036. Both Mike Berrell. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. All Mike Berrell (2010).

Dovetales Christian Centre on Maygate. SD 917 058. Mike Berrell. Link.

Emmanuel Church (CoE), on Chestnut St., dated 1910. SD 902 031. Mike Berrell.

Healds Green Methodist Church (formerly Primitive Methodist Chapel), at Healds Green. SD 897 071. Mike Berrell.

Mortuary Chapel in Chadderton Cemetery (1857), now disused. SD 903 057. Mike Berrell.

St. George, on Broadway. SD 892 031. Mike Berrell. Another view, without the trees, Mike Berrell (2013).

St. Herbert (R.C.) on Broadway. Interior view. SD 904 056. Both Mike Berrell.

The former St. Luke (1875-2008) on Buckley Street. SD 904 051. Mike Berrell.

St. Mark on Milne Street, Interior view. SD 909 056. Mike Berrell.

St. Matthew on Mill Brow. SD 900 067. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2013). Link. Grade II listed.

The former St. Saviour (dedicated 1962, closed 1986) on Denton Lane, now in secular use. It was preceded by a "tin church" (1910 dedication - 1962). SD 901 042. Mike Berrell (2014).

St. Saviour, on Bishopsgate Street, Denton Lane, dates from 1986. Interior view. For several years before the opening, the congregation met in Christ Church School on Denton lane. SD 904 045. Both Mike Berrell.

Shahporan Mosque and Islamic Centre on Garforth Street. SD 913 060. Mike Berrell (2016).

South Chadderton Methodist Church on Thompson Lane. SD 903 038. Mike Berrell.

The former United Methodist Chapel on Garforth Street, now in secular use. SD 913 059. Mike Berrell.




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