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Caversham, Berkshire

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Baptist Free Church. Built 1875-7 by Waterhouse. SU 715 748. Nick Hopton.

Caversham Hill Chapel (Evangelical) dates from 1836. SU 720 759. Nick Hopton. Link.

Methodist Chapel. Dating from 1898, Pevsner describes it as "quite ambitious". SU 721 746. Nick Hopton.

New Testament Church of God, formerly a cinema. SU 714 748. Nick Hopton.

St. John the Baptist on St. John's Road, the parish church of Lower Caversham, was built in 1888 by Fitzwilliam and Warren. SU 722 746. Nick Hopton. Two old postcards from Judy Flynn's collection show the exterior and interior.

St. Peter. SU 709 749. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. Nick Hopton. Link.

Church of Our Lady and St. Anne (R.C.) dates from 1902. SU 718 748. Nick Hopton. Link.




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