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Campbeltown, Argyll & Bute

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Castlehill Church, now converted to use as flats. Martin Briscoe.

Free Church, built 1900's (thanks to Gervase Charmley for the identification and date). Bill McKenzie.

Evangelical Church (Springbank). Martin Briscoe.

Gaelic Church (now a museum). Known as the 'Tartan Kirk', it stands on the site of the previous Free Lowland and Free Gaelic Churches, whose congregations combined as the Free Church, becoming the United Free Church in 1900, then Church of Scotland in 1929. Martin Briscoe. Information in italics supplied by Gervase Charmley, to whom many thanks.

Kilchenzie Old Church. Martin Briscoe.

Lorne and lowland parish church. Martin Briscoe.

Possible old church on Dalaruan Street. Martin Briscoe. This has been identified by Gervase Charmley as the old Templar (Masonic) Hall.

Old Kirk of Campbeltown (Highland parish church). Martin Briscoe.

Old Lowland Church. Martin Briscoe.

St. Kieran (R.C.). Martin Briscoe.

St. Kieran (Episcopal). Martin Briscoe.

Unidentified church, or perhaps a school? Martin Briscoe. Thanks to Janet Gimber for advising that on old maps it appears as a Mission Hall. Can you supply any further details?




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