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Buckhaven, Fife

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All photos Jim Parker (2010).

Buckhaven Baptist Church on College Street. Link.

Buckhaven Parish Church on Church Street - previously St. David. This church is united with West Wemyss Parish Church.

Church of God on Randolph Street.

The former Denbeath Parish Church (CoS), now disused. The congregation united with Methilhill Parish Church (q.v.).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Chapel Street.

The former Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital Chapel, now in industrial use. 

The former St. Andrew's Free Church on Lawrence Street, now Buckhaven Parish Church Theatre. Originally an Episcopal Church in St. Andrews, the building was dismantled, brought along the coast by fishing boat, and re-built here.

Salvation Army on Michael Street.





01 September 2018

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